This Week in Lower School 11/12-11/16, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018
We had a heartwarming and enriching week at the Lower School! Today we enjoyed wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations with our younger students and their families. Our students celebrated the holiday through dancing, singing, and eating traditional foods. It is a culmination of the fall and Thanksgiving unit and we are thankful that we get to celebrate with our families. We are looking forward to the JK Thanksgiving show on Tuesday November 20, 2018. See photos.
Third grade students expressed their gratitude to all of the non-teaching staff by delivering freshly baked cranberry bread. They made the bread from scratch, just like in the book Cranberry Thanksgiving by: Wende Devlin while practicing teamwork and some math. They made the staff really happy with their yummy bread!
Our week started with Veterans Day program: We had the wonderful opportunity to welcome 10 active and former members of the United States Military to our Lower School in honor of Veterans Day. Each guest was assigned a class from JK - 5th grade, where they spoke about their experiences in our armed forces. Many of our guests brought in pictures, artifacts, and personal keepsakes to share with our students. We thank all of our guests for their time and their service to our country.  
The Junior Kindergarten had a special visit from Ms. Castille’s Nephew, Mr. Ensley. He brought the entire Junior Kindergarten together and showed them all of his military equipment.  He also took them on a very fun military march around the campus. The kids were very proud to march with a soldier.
The Kindergarten classes had visits from Ms. Cannon and Mr. Griswold, who also happen to be parents of kindergarten students. The students experienced Veterans Day through artifacts. Mr. Griswold passed around coins that represented the tours that he had participated in and Ms. Cannon brought in different helmets for the kids to try on. They also has a special power point presentation to give the kids a visual of the different places they have been deployed and the jobs that they perform.
Ms. Correll’s class was fortunate to hear from another staff member and military veteran. Luis Rivera, from our very own security team, is a former Marine. Luis brought in his uniform and talked about what it takes to become a Marine. The students asked a lot of questions about why he chose the Marine Corps and what his best experiences were in the military. Liam P. said, “I think it is important to celebrate Veterans because they defend our country and protect our freedom.”
Ms. Novak’s class was visited by Mr. Seltzer, an Air Force pilot who is currently active and is a parent of a 1st grade student. He spoke about the jet that he flies and the different tours that he has taken while in the military. He also told the students all of the different things that he had to accomplish in order to become an Air Force pilot. The kids were amazed that he actually knows how to fly a jet.
Ms. Botach and Ms. Newman’s classes were visited by Alyson and Kevin Clyde. Both of whom are in the U.S. Air Force. Both brought in very interesting artifacts and memorabilia from their many deployments. They showed pictures of the types of aircraft that they have flown and places that they have been while in the Air Force. They also had some really neat helmets and patches that they have acquired over their years of service. The students enjoyed the interactive discussions and having the opportunity to hold the different artifacts.  
Addison K. in Ms. Lasky’s class never knew that Mr. Morales from our security team was a Veteran. “He looked very different in his uniform. It was so cool to get to pass around his armor vest and to hold his helmet. I’m very proud that we have a veteran who works at our school. It makes me feel safe”
Annie D. in Ms. Cherney’s class said, “It was neat to see all of the equipment that Mr. Hollingshead brought in. It was cool to learn about the day to day life and the different survival methods he used during his service. We are grateful for his service to our country.”
Nathan N. in Ms. Winberg’s class said, “It was cool to learn about Mr. Sherman and his job of working with satellites in the Air Force. He has a lot of responsibility and I admire his courage to serve our country and the difficulty to be away from his family.”
Niv K. in Ms. Oshins’ class had the opportunity to hear from one of our Upper School staff members, Mr. Browne. “He had a really special job in operation Desert Storm. He was a linguist who has to learn many different languages and interview and interrogate people. I never knew that he was a veteran and it’s really cool that he works at our school. Thank you for your service to our country.”
On Thursday, the Adelson fourth grade class was full of excitement as they participated in their first ever Mystery Google Hangout! During the Hangout the class connected with another fourth grade classroom from around the globe to guess their “Mystery Location”.  Students took turns asking each other yes and no questions, using geographical references, in order to narrow in on their location. Students had to quickly research with maps, globes, and Google Maps as they developed each question. Both classes were able to successfully guess and then locate one another on the world map! The students will continue to interact with one another through a Flipgrid Video State & City Exchange Project in the coming weeks.
We would like to wish all our students a wonderful Shabbat, and to share our thanks and gratitude with our families.
Shabbat Shalom and Todah,
Lilach and the Lower School Leadership team


Monday, November 19th: PS and K to watch JK Thanksgiving dress rehearsal
Tuesday, November 20th: JK Thanksgiving Show @ Theater 8:15am; refreshments to follow in Dining Commons | SEE FLYER
Wednesday, November 21th, early dismissal: 11:15 Preschool; 11:30 K-5 (No after care, no enrichments)
Tuesday, November 27th – Tuesday December 4, 2018  Book Fair
Thursday, November 29th - Kindergarten & 4th grade bake Hanukkah cookies together.
Friday, November 30th- K-5 Shabbat in the theater and PS in MPR (due to Book Fair in Beit Midrash)
Sunday, December 2nd 3:00pm - PTO Hanukkah Book Fair event for families 
Thursday, December 6 -  K-5 Hanukkah Show @ Theater 5:30pm (students need to be dropped off in classrooms at 5:00pm)  | SEE FLYER
Friday, December 7th - 18 month and 2’s Hanukkah Shabbat 9am; refreshments in classrooms from 8:15  | SEE FLYER
Friday, December 7th - 3’s and JK Hanukkah Shabbat 9:40am; refreshments to follow  3’s will be in classrooms and JK will be in the dining commons.   | SEE FLYER
Friday, December 7th - Baby Pandas Hanukkah/ orientation 10:45-11:30am  | SEE FLYER
Friday, December 7th - K-5 Challah bake for Rosh Chodesh
Friday, December 14th - 4th grade “Wax Museum” - biography presentation
December 24th to January 4 - Winter Break, no school
Monday, January 7 - school resumes
Friday, January 11 - report cards distributed
Friday, January 11 - 1st grade sing on Shabbat
Wednesday, January 16 - 5th grade trip to Mt. Potosi (8:00am to 8:00pm)
Friday, January 18 - 5th grade sing on Shabbat
Monday, January 21 - No school MLK Day
Thursday, January 24- grades 4+5 to watch Innovation Nation Live at Smith Center
Wednesday, January 30 - 100th Day of school - JK and K
Friday, February 1 - K-5 Challah bake for Rosh Chodesh
Thursday, February 7 - 2nd grade Nevada State museum trip
Friday, February 8 - 2nd grade sing on Shabbat
Friday, February 15 - No school for students, PD for teachers
Monday, February 18- No school, Presidents’ Day
Wednesday, February 27 8:15am- first grade Fairy Tale program in theater
Please donate to the PTO Hanukkah Toy Drive! See Flyer