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This Week in Lower School 11/27-12/1 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017
You cannot open a book without learning something. -Confucius
December is beginning with a yee-haw! Our Book Fair ran by the PTO, has been a rousing success, with students of all ages enjoying the chance to explore literature. This year’s theme is ‘Saddle Up and Read’! The fair gives our students the chance to independently choose their own reading materials. Classrooms have set up individual wish lists as well. Shopping at the fair helps support both the school and Spread the Word Nevada.  This organization collects used books for redistribution for those in need of reading materials. Parents can also buy bookmarks designed by their very own student, with proceeds going to support this cause. Students can also show support for Spread the Word Nevada by donating used books of their own.

Books from a wide range of subjects and reading levels are available for students to enjoy and explore. Our students can learn about the universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson, learn about major moments of history with the I Survived series, read the smash hit Wonder, or find their inner heroes with books about Wonder Woman. There is also a selection of Hanukkah and Jewish books, celebrating culture with beautiful picture books.

The PTO held a movie night on Thursday. Keeping the cowboy theme of the fair, students and families watched Toy Story. We are thankful for our wonderful PTO for all the hard work, efforts, and dedication to supporting our students and staff with this wonderful fair.

We invite you to enjoy the Book Fair, which will continue until December 5th.

AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENTS for January 8 - May17th, are now available online! To view the enrichment options, click here. To view the enrichment sign up form, click here. We have many learning opportunities for students to grow even more! New courses include Mandarin, yoga, and STEM Legos. Returning courses include art, French, and dance. The "Willy Wonka" packets are also going home on Friday. To view the Willy Wonka enrichment form, click here.

As a reminder, there are many lost and found items that are ready to find their way home! Please come and check out the display in the Lower School lobby. In one week the items will be donated to charity.
We are excited to learn that some of our students have been learning playing Hanukkah songs on their instruments! We would like to showcase these talented students on one of the days of Hanukkah. If your child is ready to perform, please e-mail by December 5, 2017.


November 28th - December 5th: Book Fair
December 5th: 5th Grade Shadow Day in Middle School, during school hours
December 15th: Preschool Hanukkah Shabbat
  • 8AM - Baby Bears and 2’s Hanukkah breakfast followed by Shabbat
  • 9:40 AM - 3’s and JK
December 19th: K-5 Hanukkah Show - 5:30 PM
December 21st: 1st Grade Fairy Tale Experience - 8:15 AM
December 25th - January 7th: Winter Break - NO SCHOOL