This Week in Lower School 11/4-11/8, 2019

Friday, November 8, 2019

Student council elections took place on Tuesday, November 5th. 16 nominees from grades 3rd - 5th ran amazing campaigns over the past month  in hopes of being elected to Student Council. Nominees were required to write an essay outlining why they felt they are a good fit for student council and what their vision is for representing the Lower School. From there, nominees learned about the different facets of running a campaign, which included marketing, creating a vision, and  ultimately an election day speech to the entire 3rd - 5th grade. Student council nominees did a wonderful job running a fair and honest campaign, while sharing a mutual respect for one another. Congratulations to all of the nominees for their hard work and bravery to run for a student council position. Congratulations to the following candidates who were elected to represent the Lower School in student council. 
3rd Grade - Liv Abrahamson, Lilah Cohen, and Sabrina Harouni.
4th Grade - Noam Fuss and Addie Kelly 
5th Grade - Armineh McTarian and Ginger Gore. 

This week at Shabbat, we welcomed local Veterans from the Kline Veterans Organization. We are honored that we had three Veterans from the Kline Fund to visit with our students during Shabbat. They enjoyed the performances and led us with the Shabbat blessings and gave a short explanation of the important work the Kline Fund is doing for our Veterans. (Veterans: Jerry Bootzin, Stephanie Helms, and Les Sherman). Our 3rd grade students performed “Grand Ol’ Flag” and read the poem “My Grandfather’s Wall. WATCH VIDEO 

On Monday morning, we will observe Veterans Day by participating in a flag raising ceremony at our flag poles and our Kindergarten - 5th grade will have the opportunity to listen to current members and veterans of our armed forces. All of our guest speakers are affiliated with our school in some capacity and we look forward to honoring them on this special day. 

The 7th grade Judaics classes are designing and 3D printing Kiddush cups and candles sticks for the preschool, as they will have it as a provocation for their Shabbat learning. This Friday, the 7th grade Judaics class read Shabbat stories for our Preschool classes, as an introduction to the partnership between the 7th grade Judaics and the Preschool. Both the 7th grade and Preschool students were very excited to interact with each other.

Save the Date
11/11 - K - 5 Veterans Day Program 
11/14 - 4th Grade to Hoover Dam
11/18  - 2nd - 5th Grade to Smith Center “Earth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure”
11/22 - Thanksgiving Shabbat for Baby Bears and 2s (9:00am)  3s (9:40am) - Beit Midrash 
11/25 - 3rd Grade Cranberry Bread Making 
11/26 - JK Thanksgiving show - Theater 8:30am 
11/27 - Rosh Chodesh Challah bake 
11/27 - Early Dismissal- Preschool 11:15, K- 5 11:30. 
11/28 - Thanksgiving Break - No School 
11/29 - Thanksgiving Break - No School 
12/4 - 12/10 - Book Fair 
12/13  - 4th Grade Wax Museum 8:50am
12/12 - Latke Making - Preschool
12/16 - K - 5 Dreidel Spin off 
12/17 - Kindergarten and 4th Grade Buddy Cookie Bake 
12/18 - K - 5 Hanukkah Show - Details to follow
12/19 - 5th Grade Field Trip to Courthouse 
12/20 - Preschool Hanukkah Shabbat for 18 months, 2s, 3s and JK. 
12/23 - 1/3  - Winter Break No School
1/6  - School Resumes