This Week in Lower School 11/5-11/9, 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018
This past month, 19 students in 3rd-5th grade, embarked on a journey to campaign for an officer position in Adelson’s Student Council. These students decided they wanted to make a valuable contribution, to be involved, and be leaders and role models to their peers. Our candidates woke up early Monday mornings to learn valuable lessons. Students discussed what it means to be a leader, wrote essays on their qualifications, created slogans, designed catchy speeches, practiced presentation skills, designed creative and eye-catching posters, and learned to share their passion and inspire others through example. What was most impressive through this entire process was watching our leaders introduce themselves at lunch to other grade levels, hand out campaign items, and share with others how they were going to make our school an even better place to learn and grow. Overall, all of us at AEC were beyond impressed by the quality of work and dedication of our students and their parents’ support.
Finally, we decided to follow the same democratic process as our country by hosting our elections on Election Day. After students recited inspiring and humorous speeches, we briefly discussed the beauty of a democracy and the right to vote. Then the students were sent off to the “Voting Booth”. Now that every child exercised their right to vote, the results are in!
Let’s introduce our new leaders of Adelson’s Student Council:
President and 5th Grade Representative: Niv Kaufman
Vice Presidents and 5th Grade Representatives: Zachary Coneh and Elliott Harouni
Secretary and 4th Grade Representative: Ethan Cohen
Public Relations Officer and 4th Grade Representative: Annie DeLeon
3rd Grade Representative: Sivan Barshishat
3rd Grade Representative: Noam Fuss
Congratulations to all of the candidates!  Remember, there's always another race to run, goal to shoot for, mountain to climb. No matter the outcome, the process is always worth celebrating!
PTO Startup Incubator project
It was wonderful seeing parents learn with and from our Start Up Incubator team today! Parents volunteers spent time learning how to laser etch, and created beautiful signs for LS classrooms. What a lovely way to spend time together while learning something new and benefiting our school! Thank you to our PTO and Si team for organizing and executing such a fun event. We hope to do more events in the Si in the near future.
This Friday at Shabbat, our 3rd grade students recognized Veterans Day by reading the poems Veterans Day Was, Veterans Day Is, and Say Thank You to a Veteran. They also sang Grand Old Flag and America (My Country tis of thee). We are honored that representatives from Kline Veteran Fund spent Shabbat with us. On Monday morning, we will observe Veterans Day by participating in a flag raising ceremony at our flag poles and our Kindergarten - 5th grade will have the opportunity to listen to current members and veterans of our armed forces. All of our guest speakers are affiliated with our school in some capacity and we look forward to honoring them on this special day.
Our military guests for Monday 11/12:
Anthony Griswold, Human Resources U.S. Air Force
Aimee Cannon, JAG U.S. Air Force
Mike Seltzer, Pilot U.S. Air Force
Luis Rivera, Former Marine
Dr. Kevin Clyde, Pilot U.S. Air Force
Alyson Clyde, Pilot U.S. Air Force
Mike Morales, Former Infantry U.S. Army
Derek Hollingshead, Former Special Forces Communication U.S. Army
Frank Browne, Former Linguist U.S. Army
Michael Sherman, Weapons Instructor U.S. Air Force

Tikkun Olam
As we get closer to the Book Fair and Hanukkah, our fourth graders are excited to dedicate their Tikkun Olam efforts to collecting books to be donated to kids in need. In their weekly Tikkun Olam sessions, they have learned about the importance of reading and literacy, brainstormed how they can help fight illiteracy in our community, and planned a well-organized book drive. They also buddy with JK students to read them books and even helped load books onto the Spread the Word NV truck yesterday.  Please begin to collect new and slightly used children’s books to support this wonderful initiative. The book drive will begin after Thanksgiving break.
Shabbat Shalom,
Lower School Leadership Team


Monday, November 12th: Veterans Day (Guest Speakers in classrooms)
Wednesday, November 14th: 3rd grade makes cranberry bread to give thanks
Friday, November 16th: 18 month and 2’s Thanksgiving Shabbat Celebration 9am 
Friday, November 16th: 3’s Thanksgiving Shabbat Celebration 9:40am 
Wednesday, November 21th, early dismissal: 11:15 Preschool; 11:30 K-5 (No after care, no enrichments)
Tuesday, November 27th – Tuesday December 4, 2018  Book Fair opening day 
Thursday, November 29th - Kindergarten & 4th grade bake Hanukkah cookies together
Sunday, December 2nd: PTO Hanukkah Book Fair event for families
Thursday, December 6:  K-5 Hanukkah Show @ Theater 5:30pm - See Flyer
Friday, December 7th: 18 month and 2’s Hanukkah Shabbat 9am - See Flyer
Friday, December 7th:  3’s and JK Hanukkah Shabbat 9:40am - See Flyer
Friday, December 7th: Baby Pandas Hanukkah/ orientation 10:45-11:30am - See Flyer
Friday, December 14th: 4th grade “Wax Museum” - biography presentation
December 24th to January 4: Winter Break, no school
Monday, January 7: School resumes
Friday, January 11:  Report cards distributed
Please donate to the PTO Hanukkah Toy Drive! See Flyer