This Week in Lower School 12/5-12/9, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016


Our favorite books came to life this week!  Characters from some of the most well known classic children’s stories read to our youngest students earlier this week.  The children sat entranced by the voices from the mouths of their most beloved storybook friends.  Our older students were challenged to solve literature based clues to find the hidden pirate treasure chest.  Students in K-5th grade were split into groups and had to solve story-based clues, like, “As a young child, Matilda goes alone to this place, to do something she loves.” 


The children had to think about the book Matilda, by Roald Dahl and then remember what she liked to do and where she went to do it.  The answer: The Library!  Once the students solved that clue, they would move on to the next location to find the next clue.  The search culminated in a big balloon sword battle to see who opened the pirate treasure chest!  Meanwhile, back at the book fair, parents were busy shopping for books while their children were entertained and encouraged to read and love books in fun and educational ways.  Thank you to the Adelson PTO for hosting our annual book fair and making this year’s theme of hooking into a good book come to life!  Also, thanks to the PTO for sponsoring all of the delicious goodies for our story hour and treasure hunt events! 

It’s been a busy week for our fifth graders!  They created Character Analysis T-Shirts to showcase their independent reading novels.  Each shirt creatively displayed the protagonist’s description, strength, weakness, internal and external conflicts, important quote, and lesson learned.  Evidence from the novel was provided for each of these elements.  Students tapped into their creativity and skill sets to bring their characters to life!

Fifth graders have been reading informational texts about the road to the American Revolution.  Some students sympathized with the Patriots, who fought for independence, while others sympathized with Loyalists, who were devoted to the King of England.  To end their study, students reenacted the Second Continental Congress, in which representatives from the thirteen colonies signed our Declaration of Independence.  They created the set, dressed the part, memorized their lines, presented with passion, and brought our history to life!

On Thursday, 12/15, please join the fourth graders at the 4th Grade Wax Museum.  Students will become their biography subjects, impersonating their thoughts, actions and identities. 

On Friday, 12/16, 1st graders will be presenting their very own Fairy Tales!  After studying and reading different fairy tales, first graders wrote their own.  They will read, act out and share their creations with you.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Reading

The Lower School Staff

Save the Dates:

Wednesday, 12/14- PTO Meeting in the Dining Commons at 8:15am.

Thursday, 12/15- 4th Grade Wax Museum in the Lower School Gym from 8:15-9:15am. Parents are invited to visit the fourth grade Wax Museum where characters come to life and share their personal stories.

Thursday, 12/15- Fill the Fire Truck Part 1 Firefighters will be here to explain the program and ask students to bring in toys/gifts for children in need.  If you would like to purchase something ahead of time, the firefighters are collecting toys for lower school age children.  Gifts should be unwrapped and will be held in the classrooms until the firefighters return to school on 12/20.

Friday, 12/16- 1st Grade Fairy Tales Shows in the first grade classrooms at 8:45am. Parents are invited to listen as children share their very own fairy tale creations.

Friday, 12/16- Baby Bears and 2’s Hanukkah Shabbat with Parents 9:00am in the Beit Midrash.  Parents are invited to join.  Live streaming during the event will be available.  More details to follow. 

Friday, 12/16- 3’s Hanukkah Shabbat with Parents 10:00am in the Beit Midrash.  Parents are invited to join.  Live streaming during the event will be available.  More details to follow. 

Tuesday, 12/20- Fill the Fire Truck Part 2 Firefighters will come back to campus with their truck to collect unwrapped gifts students have brought in.  Lower School students will present their gifts to the firefighters and get to tour the fire truck. 

Tuesday, 12/20- Hanukkah Experience for JK-5th Grade 5-6:30pm.  Families will enjoy a taste of our Judaic curriculum and Hanukkah shows by students.  Latkes and doughnuts will be served.  Please have students wear dark bottoms and a white top.

Wednesday 12/21- Report Cards for grades K-4 delivered via email. Available in hard copies too. 5th grade report cards will be available through Edsby. We will communicate exactly when and how to access the reports.

Thursday 12/22- Free Dress Day

Friday, 12/23 through Sunday, 1/8- Winter Break NO SCHOOL

Monday, 01/09/17- School Resumes

Important notes for Lower School parents:

Please send a jacket as students are going outside daily.  Please remember to label your children’s clothing.  If you are missing anything, please stop by our Lost and Found in the Lower School.

Parent key cards for access to the dome and Lower School entrances are ready to be picked up (2 per household).  Please check with Ms. Carla at the dome.


We are proud to join our mashgiach, Gershon Wolfe, in his Tzedakah organization, Aishal Avraham, which provides Shabbat meals to needy families in Las Vegas.  Please send kosher, boxed food in every Friday.

Please remember to send tzedakah in with your child on Friday mornings. The money collected will go towards the 5th grade service project.

Weekly Focus: Parenting Through the Parsha (portion of the Torah we read this week)

In this week’s portion of the Torah we read about Jacob and his family.  His first wife, Leah has had four children and his second wife, Rachel, is heartbroken.  She is desperate to have a child and wants nothing more.  Finally, she storms into her husband demanding he give her a child.  His response is not one of sympathy.  What do you want me to do?  I’m not G-d!  Can I decide who has children and when?  Am I not enough for you? 

We learn that G-d rebukes Jacob for speaking to his inconsolable wife in this manner, asking him if that’s how you speak to your grieving wife?  Is that how you show compassion for her feelings? 

Throughout their lives, our children will have many disappointments.  Their friends will be mean to them, they won’t get the part in the play or their beloved pet will die.  We learn from this section of the Torah that there is an appropriate way to respond to a person in pain.  Though we know there isn’t much we can do sometimes, (we can’t bring a pet back to life, or make people be nice) we can show our children compassion.  We can give them the vocabulary to put their feelings into words.  By sympathizing with our children, we show them that they are not alone.  We teach them that when they have difficult times, we will always be there for them.

In the same way we, as parents, can learn from this parsha, our students have too.  They know that there are different ways they can react to friends who are experiencing loss, no matter how big or small.  They can brush them off and say, oh well, or they can empathize with their friends and help them feel heard.  By listening to their friends, they build a stronger bond of friendship and show their friends that they don’t have to cope with hard times on their own.