This Week in Lower School 1/28-2/1, 2019

Friday, February 1, 2019
5th Grade Shadow Day
Moving from Lower School to Middle School can be both an exciting and a challenging experience for students academically, emotionally, and mentally. However, here at The Adelson Education Campus,  we have several programs implemented throughout the year to help prepare our fifth-grade students for a smoother transition. Since the beginning of the year, students have been placed as Tikkun Olam Leaders of the school, have been given more independence with their own lockers, multiple class schedule, and have created lasting friendships with the sixth graders at a day trip to Mount Potosi and through participating in the 5th and 6th grade athletics program, and “growing” together their Chemical Gardens earlier this week. To further prepare them, our fifth graders were graciously hosted to spend the day shadowing the middle schoolers. They spent time with Middle School students in their classes, at Town Hall, lunch and Kabbalat Shabbat.
The day began with High School student, Liahm Blank, telling about his own middle school survival kit he received as a fifth grader at AEC five years ago.  Over the years, the survival kit has grown from three items (Tootsie Roll, paperclip, and sponge) to more than ten items! Mr. Koch, Upper School Assistant Principal, and Mrs. Paxinos, Director of Student Development, presented each student with their own kit reminding them of the skills they have already from their time in the Lower School and the skills they will develop as they transition into middle school.  
The first classroom experience for the day was in sixth grade Earth Science.  Sixth-grade students played host and guide for fifth graders as they thought critically to tackle STEM instant challenges.  The fifth graders had a lot of fun building a “bridge to nowhere,” determining how many water drops can fit on a penny, and how much weight a boat can hold.  These instant challenges, developed by middle school teachers Mrs. Garrett and Ms. Page introduced the fifth graders to the inquiry centered experiences that middle school science provides.
During Town Hall, fifth-grade students were presented with a special gift, a t-shirt designed by the middle school student council, and invited to join the student council members during lunch and at Kabbalat Shabbat.   The middle school student council members worked closely the past month with the Director of Advancement and Admissions, Ms. Abrahamson and the Director of Marketing and Communications, Mr. Boland, to design the t-shirt.
The second classroom experience for students was in middle school humanities where a combined English and Ancient Civilizations lesson took place.  Fifth graders joined the sixth graders in exploring how Greek mythology is used in the modern world for marketing purposes. In combined teams, they created a slogan and logo to market a modern product using a story, theme, or figure from Greek mythology.  Once developed, they had to pitch the product to the “head marketing team,” the teachers of the course Ms. McKannon and Mrs. Peterson.
At lunch, fifth graders joined middle school students for conversation and Q and A.  They also participated in the middle school Kabbalat Shabbat, led by Ms. Blit, where they joined the sixth graders in reciting the blessing.  The middle school students are excited for the current fifth graders to make the transition into middle school and join them as peers in the coming school year.

Chemical Garden and Ilan Ramon commemoration - 5th and 6th  (Cheri Garner and Paula Garrett)
This week our fifth and sixth-grade students commemorated the life of Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died tragically on February 1, 2003 aboard the Columbia Space Shuttle as it made its way back to Earth. Adelson sixth graders mentored the fifth graders on how to create a chemical garden, which was one of the experiments Ilan Ramon conducted in space. Sixth graders also created a slideshow presentation to help fifth-grade students learn more about Ilan Ramon’s life, mission, and legacy. To stay connected to Israel and Judaism, Ilan Ramon brought a mini Torah he received from a Holocaust survivor, a kiddush cup, and a drawing of earth as it would be seen from the moon, drawn by a child while in a death camp. We dedicate the chemical gardens we made today to Ilan Ramon in honor of his bravery and Jewish pride. View Photos
100th Day Celebration Kindergarten
In Kindergarten we celebrated the 100th Day on January 30th, 2019.
We had a blast engaging in many different activities revolving around the number 100.
We tally marked to 100 (counting by 5’s), filled in a hundred number chart with a friend, counted cereal in groups of ten and strung them together, built a cup sculpture using 100 cups, and counted our 100+ food items for donation.
In writing, our students drew a picture of themselves as they would look as a 100-year old. They wrote about what they would have, be, and eat at 100 years old.  For our journal entry this week they wrote and drew about what they would do with 100 dollars. Kindergarten visited the JK 100 Item Museum.  The JK students presented to the Kindergarteners what they counted and grouped together.
Kindergarteners love 100th Day of school!
It was exciting to see the different activities in other classrooms - collecting, counting, sorting, art work, writing, and even exercising.
A huge thank you to our generous families for bringing in 1889 cans and food items! We challenged our Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade to bring in 100 cans per class in recognition of the 100th day of school. We had an overwhelming amount of food donations with many classes surpassing that 100 can mark. Some classes doubled and tripled that total. Our students will continue with this Tikkun Olam project as they will be responsible for packing all of the goods in preparation for donation to Aishel Avraham and JFSA during Purim. Please feel free to continue to donate non-perishable items up until Purim on March 21st. We are proud of the top 3 classes for collecting the most food items:       Ms. Botach 369, Ms. Lasky 311, Ms. Cherney 257
Challah Baking
The new Hebrew month of Adar is here! We had a fun challah baking for Rosh Chodesh this morning. Thank you to the following families for sponsoring this month’s challah baking in honor of their students: Maman family, Nikhman family, Potashnick family, Schwartz family, Kelly family, and Winger family.  
AEC Runners Club
We have had much excitement and participation with our new morning enrichment The Adelson Runners Club. Kindergarten -5th grade students are invited to run laps on our track every Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 7:35am - 7:50am. Runners are able to earn bracelets as the reach different lap milestones. The goal is to run an entire marathon over the course of the semester (222 laps).

Summer Camp at AEC 2019
Registration for Summer Camp at Adelson Campus is open. We are offering programs for preschool - 5th grade click here for more information about programming. Take advantage of the 5% early sign up discount valid through January 31st and the Adelson student discount valid with code “adelsonstudent”. Please see registration link:
If you are interested in the AEC Family Trip to Israel this summer, please email
Wishing you a wonderful Shabbat,
Lilach and the Lower School Leadership team

Save the Date:

Wednesday, February 6 - Conservation Caper K - 4th grade.
Thursday, February 7 - 2nd grade Nevada State museum trip
Friday, February 8 - 2nd grade sing on Shabbat
Friday, February 15 - no school for students, PD for teachers
Monday, February 18- No school, Presidents’ Day
Wednesday, February 27, 8:15 am- first grade Fairy Tale program in theater
Friday, March 1- 1st grade sing on Shabbat
Thursday , March 7, 6:00pm- In Pursuit of Excellence Gala
Thursday , March 14th - Pi Day celebration for 3rd - 5th grade
Friday, March 15- 2nd grade sing on Shabbat
Thursday March 21 - Purim celebration; 3rd grade act out the Megillah
Wednesday March 27 - K trip to planetarium
Friday, March 29 - Kindergarten Each Day program performance
Friday, March 29 - 3rd grade Clark County Museum trip