This Week in Lower School 2/10-2/13, 2020

Thursday, February 13, 2020
2nd Grade Field Trip 
Our Second Graders had a fantastic field trip to the Nevada State Museum on Thursday. The students had an opportunity to view exhibits about the history of Nevada. In these exhibits, the children were immersed in galleries detailing the geology of our state. Also reviewed were early settlers and their behaviors, leading to the Boomtown Era. This time helped the children understand critical history, which shaped the course of Nevada. It was a thorough program led by the museum's education curators. Our students broke off into groups and completed worksheets, helping them learn about Nevada's past. The field trip was a great success and we look forward to bringing our second graders back for next year.
LS Swim Team 
Congratulations to the Lower School Swim Team on an outstanding inaugural swim season! Through weekly sessions and Sunday clinics, our K-5th Grade swimmers learned fundamentals of competitive swimming. This also included their development and refinement of four competitive swim strokes, which were utilized during three competitive swim meets. The coaches and our swimmers are excited to continue the Lower School Swim Team in the Fall of 2020. 
Makey Makey in Discovery Lab 
This week Fourth Grade students continued utilizing Makey Makey. As a reminder, Makey Makey is an invention kit that allows students to make any conductive material act as the input device for computers. Students collaborated together, creating conductive dance mats using cardstock and aluminum foil. They then utilized their mats by dancing to different Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) songs from a Scratch Studio hand-created by Ms. Ziter. Last week, students coded projects of their own in the Scratch Studio and used different conductive materials like Play-Doh to run their codes!
2/14 - Teacher In-Service day - No School for Students 
2/17 - President’s Day - No School
2/21 - Rosh Chodesh Challah Bake  
2/27 - 1st Grade Fairy Tale Presentation 8:15am in Beit Midrash 
3/2 - 3/6 - Reading Week 
3/5 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Summerlin Library 9:45am - 11:15am
3/10 - Purim 
3/17 - Rosh Chodesh Challah Bake 
3/17 - 1st Grade Field Trip to Seaquest 
3/20 - 2nd Grade symbols Fair 8:45am in Lower School Gym
3/25 - Kindergarten Field trip to Planetarium 
3/26  - 4th grade Field Trip to McCaw School of Mines
3/27 - Kindergarten Earth, Moon, and Sun Presentation
3/29 - Camp for Good (Good Deeds Day) 11am - 2pm 
3/31 -4/1 - Passover Seders
4/6 - 4/17 - Spring Break - No School