This Week in Lower School 2/19-2/22, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019
Thursday brought a marvelous surprise to our area and to our curious and excited students - snow! At the Lower School we made sure to connect the learning to this wonderful nature exhibit of white and fluffy snow, which is a rarity in our area. View Photos
Our students were engaged in scientific explorations, art inspired creations, writing, and even math activities such as graphing, temperatures, and measurements. Group work and collaboration were instrumental as the students were engaged in designing and building snowmen (from snow and from other materials too). From our youngest Baby Bears to our 5th grade leaders, they were all engaged in an exciting day of meaningful learning and connecting learning skills to a real life phenomena. We would like to share some of the highlights of the day.
In Ms. Garners science classes,  we had an amazing day learning about the science of snowflakes. Earth science couldn't have been more engaging! Did you know you need a speck of dust or pollen to form a beautiful snowflake? Did you know that a snowflake has a hexagonal shape with six branches that form out from each point? We observed snow directly by gathering snow samples and even cut out our own original snowflake paper models. Third grade used snow instead of the lab ice cubes to chill their cold water for an experiment investigating the difference in density between cold and hot water. While you are enjoying this outrageous desert surprise, don't forget to think about how nature creates such tiny original beauties that accumulate to form this gorgeous white blanket over our valley.
Writing was enhanced by the snow as the 4th Graders took in the morning views of the winter wonderland outside and wrote snow-inspired Haiku poems, a Japanese poem that uses a specific syllable count and are often inspired by nature.
Second graders explored the snow with their senses, organized their impressions in a graphic organizer, and then wrote down their thoughts and impressions. They were proud of their “how to build a snowman” step by step guide. Do you think we will have a chance to use it in the near future?
First graders made lists about fun snow day activities, and the students wrote down their own personal experiences with the snow.
Our younger students enjoyed snow inspired literature like The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats to guide their snow explorations and experiences. They looked out the windows to watch the snow fall , and even brought in some snow to experience it first hand. The children heard the crunching of the snow just like the little boy in the story. Ms. Katherine threw snowballs at the classroom window to show how soft the snow was. They talked about how we wear scarves, hats, and mittens when it’s snowy and cold outside, and practiced wearing mittens before playing with the snow.
Paper snowflakes were cut and colored and  snowmen were built from different materials as well as real snow collected and brought into the rooms. Snow was even used to paint with watercolors.
As Ms. B. reminded us the famous words of princess Elsa: “The Snow Never Bothered Us Anyway!” In fact, it enhanced our learning and helped us celebrate and appreciate the wonders of nature.
We hope that you will join us to cheer on the Adelson Campus Boys Varsity basketball team as they play their first game of the Division 2a Southern Regional Playoffs today at 3:00pm
NEW LOCATION: SLAM Academy, located at 1095 Fielders St., Henderson, NV 89015. For directions, click here.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a nice long weekend,
Lilach Bluevise and the LS team
Summer Camp at AEC 2019
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Save the Date:

Tuesday, February 26 - 1st and 2nd to Smith Center for Underneath a Magical Moon (UPDATED)
Friday, March 1- 1st grade sing on Shabbat
March 4 to March 8 NV Reading Week - Find Your Superpower - Read!
Tuesday, March 5 - Kindergarten to Summerlin Library
Wednesday, March 6 - Preschool Super Baking day for Reading Week
Thursday, March 7 - Author Visit:  Daria Peoples-Riley (This is It, Harper Collins, 2018)
Friday, March 8 - 2nd-5th grade Super Sessions for Reading Week
Thursday , March 7 -  6:00pm- In Pursuit of Excellence Gala
Friday, March 8th - Challah Bake for Rosh Chodesh
Thursday , March 14th - Pi Day celebration for 3rd - 5th grade
Friday, March 15- 2nd grade Symbol Fair and sing on Shabbat
Thursday March 21 - Purim celebration; 3rd grade act out the Megillah
Wednesday March 27 - K + Ms. Lower’s class trip to planetarium
Friday, March 29 - Kindergarten+ Ms. Lower's calss  Earth Day program performance
Friday, March 29 - 3rd grade Clark County Museum trip
Thursday, April 4 - Fairy Tale experience 1st grade (rescheduled from February)
Friday April 5 - Good Deeds Day  for K-5- 4th and 5th grades presentations during Shabbat
Sunday April 7 - Camp for Good - AEC camp open house and Good Deeds
Wednesday, April 10 - K-5 Field Day
Thursday April 11 - 4th grade assembly - Learning from Artifacts
Tuesday- Thursday April 9-11 Passover Seders
Monday April 15 to Friday April 26- No school, Passover break
Monday April 29 - School resumes
Wednesday April 30 to May 10 - Standardized testing for fifth grade