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This Week in Lower School 2/20-2/23, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018
“And the walls became the world all around.”
-Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

It has been a week of discovery for our students in the Preschool and the Lower School. Our 4th and 5th graders have been taking part in Ms. Garner’s CSI project, allowing them to discover real-life applications for their science skills. Our JK students discovered a new world with the beloved classic Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. The gardening club harvested delicious greens and vegetables and presented them to the kitchen. Our students are taking what they have learned in their meaningful and exciting lessons and applying it to real life situations in the world around them.

In science class, our 4th graders have been taking part of a two-day long lab session known as the CSI: Adelson Beach project. Our 5th graders, who did this lab last year, have helped set it up and led their younger peers thought the entire process s. Our 4th graders have been observing the ‘crime scene’ and analyzing clues through labs such as testing pH levels and recording their data. This will all be used to make their case for their choice of suspects. This innovative and exciting process is a milestone for our students. The lab skills learned throughout the year are applied to a discovery, mirroring how science is used in the real world. Next week, they will meet Mr. Peters, Chief if Security and Safety at AEC, to learn about the importance of science in real CSI cases.

Our gardening club brought a harvest of food to the kitchen! In a month, we'll have our own farmer’s market). This first harvest included radishes and mustard greens that can be prepared for school lunches.

Our preschool students spent time baking Oznei Haman (Hamantaschen) for Purim.. Morah Miri and Miss Sharon led students through each step of the baking process, while singing Purim songs and playing Purim games. We can’t wait for Purim festivities on Thursday 3/1!
Our JK students read the book Where the Wild Things Are. This story is about a little boy named Max who travels by boat to an imaginary island of mischievous monsters. Students wrote about where they would go if they had their own boat and could travel anywhere in the world. They were encouraged to be creative and have fun, allowing them to use their imagine where they would go as they played in a boat created by their teachers.
2nd graders took a trip to the Nevada State Museum, discovering the history of our state. They saw how Las Vegas become a boom town during the wild west, and also saw real fossils of the dinosaurs that used to walk through Nevada. Ms. Newman and Ms. B’s classes are excited to tell you about this experience in their own words.
“One thing that I remember about the old typewriter is that you can’t type too quickly because then the keys would get tangled.”

“The animal that I remember most are snakes because they slither and some can rattle.”

“I liked the mammoth the most because it was more than 5 times my size!”

“What I remember most about the first people of Las Vegas is that the women used strings to make a basket which is how they carried their water.”

“A symbol that I remember seeing on the Nevada State Seal is the mountain range.”

“Something new that I learned about Las Vegas is that there used to be mammoths here!”

“Boomtown was a really cool place to visit. The houses back then were so small!”

“The mammoth tusks that we saw were very cool because they were curved upwards in a cool way.”

“My favorite part of the museum was seeing the animal skins. They were so fluffy and interesting.”

“I remember there was an eagle on the Nevada State Seal and it reminded me of our freedom.”

“The fossil that I liked in the beginning was the curvy fossil because it looked so big and cool.”

“I liked the mammoth’s tusks because it used them for protection, mates, and to claim territory.”

“I learned that Las Vegas use to be an entire ocean by looking at the ichthyosaur fossil on the wall.”

“I learned that we still have a lot of mountains all around our town just like long ago.”

“I learned that a long time ago people use to travel in carriages to get to different places.”

“In the Dusk Before Dawn video, I remember the coyote the best because it was big, courageous, and made the loudest noise of all the animals.”

“I really liked the typewriter in the beginning because I was able to type my name and it felt very different.”

“I remember walking through the house in Boomtown and it feeling very small in comparison to our houses today.”
“I loved seeing all of the fossils. They were so cool!”

Learning is more meaningful when our students create connections to the real world. Reading Edsby and Tadpoles postings will give you a more detailed look at the learning done in your students’ classrooms.

Wishing a wonderful Shabbat and weekend,
Bluevise and the Lower School Leadership Team

Upcoming Programs and Events:

March 1st: Purim Festivities - See Flyer
REQUESTING VOLUNTEERS! Please contact Monica Garin at or (702) 375-7448 or email Caline at
March 5th - 9th: Nevada Reading Week.
Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in reading a book  in your his/her class.
March 5th at 4:40-5:40 pm : Author Visit To kick off Nevada Reading Week, an interactive program for families with Kentrell Martin, the author of  Shelly’s Adventures, a series that features a deaf character who struggles to communicate with the world around her.  To order the book:
March 5th: 8:15 AM 4th Grade “Wax Museum” - a showcase of biography projects
March 7th 9:30am : Kindergarten trip to Summerlin Public Library for Reading Week.
March 8th: 1st Grade field trip to Seaquest
March 11th: Daylight Savings
March 14th: 1st and 2st grade field trip to watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins at the Smith Center
March 15th: 3rd Grade Field Trip to Springs Preserve
March 16th: Passover Shabbat K-5, 2nd Grade Performs
March 19th & 20th for 4th and 5th grade WrAP Testing (Standardized Writing Assessment)
March 19th - March 23rd: Optional Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 19th - 21st: Passover Seders in Classrooms - See Seder Schedule
March 20th - Harvest Garden for Farmer’s Market
March 21st - Farmer’s Market during pick up, in parking lot close to PS playground.
March 21st: Progress Reports Distributed
March 26th - April 6th: Spring Break - NO SCHOOL
April 13th - Good Deeds Day: a ceremony on Shabbat (4th grade taking the lead on Tikkun Olam from 5th grade); community service project by grade after Shabbat. Parents invited to assist.
April 18th - Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) Ceremony for grades K-5. Please wear white tops.
April 19th - Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day). Please wear white top and blue bottoms.
April 20th - 2nd Grade trip to Wetlands
April 20th - Earth Day Shabbat
April 25th - JK field trip to Dolphin Habitat
April 27th - Second Grade Symbols Presentation in the Lower School Gym
April 30th - 4th Grade trip to the Hoover Dam
May 4th - Field Day (after Shabbat)
May 11th - End of the Year Show (2’s)
May 11th - 3rd  Grade Native American Presentation after Shabbat
May 15th - Lower School Musical (“Willy Wonka”)
May 16th - Lower School Musical (“Willy Wonka”)
May 17th - End of the Year Show (3’s)
May 18th - End of the Year Show (JK)
May 18th - 5th Grade Move Up Day
May 21st - Shavuot - NO SCHOOL
May 22nd - Shavuot Farmer’s Market at dismissal
May 25th - Kindergarten through 5th Closing Celebration
May 25th - Last Day of School - EARLY DISMISSAL