This week in Lower School 2/25-3/1, 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019
Think back to when you were in school. What is your fondest memory? Was it a field trip to attend a concert or theater performance? Was it playing a part in a class play, singing in the choir, playing an instrument or having your work of art exhibited at school? The arts experiences are often the fondest and most vivid memories of our school days.
We are so fortunate to benefit from the mission of the Smith Center to build similar lifetime memories by offering high-quality arts experiences for students, teachers, and the community. This week we enjoyed another great show at the Smith Center:
Our 1st and 2nd grade had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Smith Center to see Underneath a Magical Moon on Tuesday. A performance based on the story of Peter Pan where the characters wonder about how they actually feel about growing up and what they will remember about being a child. Our students were thoroughly engaged and well behaved as the actors put on a creative and entertaining show. Our students reflected on how exciting it was to ride on a “big” bus and watch a “fun” show together
Our students love to watch shows but also love to perform and take part in the production process of shows. The Lower School Annie is coming together beautifully under the leadership of our dedicated performing arts team. As part of their experience, they will visit behind the scenes of Addams Family, the Upper School musical, will talk to the actors, and will enjoy the show performed by their older peers. The Annie cast and crew can’t wait to take part in this 3rd annual Behind the Scenes VIP experience on March 14. Tickets for Addams Family are on sale now! To purchase tickets, click here.
It is nice to have our Shinshiniot back from Israel! We were so excited to learn that they took the notes that our Kindergarteners wrote and put them in the Western Wall. The tradition says that wishes that are put in between the stones of the Kottel (The Western Wall) will come true.
It was exciting to learn about Beresheet, the Israeli robotic lunar lander that was sent to the moon. We will continue to watch its journey in the coming weeks. The Beresheet was launched last week from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, kicking off an eight-week journey to the moon's surface.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a nice long weekend,
Lilach Bluevise and the Lower School team

Save the Date:

March 4 to March 8 NV Reading Week - Find Your Superpower - Read!
Tuesday, March 5 - Kindergarten to Summerlin Library
Wednesday, March 6 - Preschool Super Baking day for Reading Week
Thursday, March 7 - Author Visit:  Daria Peoples-Riley (This is It, Harper Collins, 2018)
Thursday , March 7 -  6:00pm- In Pursuit of Excellence Gala
Friday, March 8th - Challah Bake for Rosh Chodesh
Friday, March 8 - 2nd-5th grade Super Sessions for Reading Week
Thursday , March 14th - Pi Day celebration for 3rd - 5th grade
Friday, March 15- 2nd grade Symbol Fair and sing on Shabbat
Thursday March 21 - Purim celebration; 3rd grade act out the Megillah
Wednesday March 27 - K + Ms. Lower’s class trip to planetarium
Friday, March 29 - Kindergarten - Earth Day program performance
Friday, March 29 - 3rd grade Clark County Museum trip
Thursday, April 4 - Fairy Tale experience 1st grade (rescheduled from February)
Friday April 5 - Good Deeds Day  for K-5- 4th and 5th grades presentations during Shabbat
Sunday April 7 - Camp for Good - AEC camp open house and Good Deeds
Wednesday, April 10 - K-5 Field Day
Thursday April 11 - 4th grade assembly - Learning from Artifacts
Tuesday- Thursday April 9-11 Passover Seders  - move from the chart to here after Dina approves
Monday April 15 to Friday April 26- No school, Passover break
Monday April 29 - School resumes