This Week in Lower School 2/4-2/8, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019


2nd Grade Shabbat Performance
Our 2nd graders have been learning about George Washington & Abraham Lincoln in preparation for President's Day.  After learning about both presidents, the students engaged in conversation about which was the best president. Although they still haven’t come to a conclusion, all agreed that both were great influential men that helped form the America of today.  During Shabbat the Lower School enjoyed watching the students who were dressed up as the two presidents and sang songs about the attributes and contributions of each president. View Photos
Las Vegas Philharmonic Youth Concert Series Program
This week, 3rd and 4th graders attended the Las Vegas Philharmonic Youth Concert Series Program at the Smith Center. Our students were able to learn about the six featured composers, two of whom happened to have been Jewish, in class before being introduced to their work in a live performance. The Philharmonic performed their pieces flawlessly and gave the students a lot to aspire to in terms of their own musical interests. Favorite pieces included singing This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie along with the orchestra and getting to clap along to a wonderfully lively performance of the “Can Can” by Jacques Offenbach. However, the number one favorite was certainly when a young Bassoon player was the featured soloist of a surprise concerto. He was able to share with the students how he had started playing the clarinet in 6th grade, changed to bassoon in 7th, played diligently for 6 years, and impressively performed his music. This sparked great conversations among the students in terms of learning to play instruments and the dedication that goes into being really good at it. The students seemed to have a great time and were thankful for the experience. 
2nd grade field trip
Our 2nd graders had a wonderful field trip to the Nevada State Museum on Thursday. They had an opportunity to view exhibits about the history of Nevada. There were galleries on the geology and early settlers and leading up to the Boomtown and what shaped the course of Nevada. It was a thorough program lead by the museum education curators. They had our students break off into groups and complete worksheets that helped them learn about Nevada’s past. The field trip was a great success and we look forward to bringing our second graders back for next year.
Conservation Caper
The National Theatre for Children and NV Energy gave our Kindergarten - 4th grade a wonderful performance on energy conservation. They had two actors who acted out an educational program teaching our students about how they can conserve energy in their everyday life. It was a fun and interactive program, which had our students engaged throughout the entirety of the program.
Summer Camp at AEC 2019
Registration for Summer Camp at Adelson Campus is open. We are offering programs for preschool - 5th grade click here for more information about programming. Take advantage of the 5% early sign up discount valid through January 31st and the Adelson student discount valid with code “adelsonstudent”. Please see registration link:
If you are interested in the AEC Family Trip to Israel this summer, please email
Wishing you a wonderful Shabbat,
Lilach and the Lower School Leadership team

Save the Date:

Friday, February 15 - no school for students, PD for teachers
Monday, February 18- No school, Presidents’ Day
Monday, February 25 - 1st and 2nd to Smith Center for Underneath a Magical Moon
Wednesday, February 27, 8:15 am- first grade Fairy Tale program in theater
Friday, March 1- 1st grade sing on Shabbat
March 4 to March 8 NV Reading Week
Tuesday, March 5 - Kindergarten to Summerlin Library
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, March 6-8, 1st Grade Therapy Dogs
Wednesday, March 6 - Preschool baking day
Thursday , March 7, 6:00pm- In Pursuit of Excellence Gala
Friday, March 8 - 2nd-5th grade Super Sessions
Thursday , March 14th - Pi Day celebration for 3rd - 5th grade
Friday, March 15- 2nd grade sing on Shabbat
Thursday March 21 - Purim celebration; 3rd grade act out the Megillah
Wednesday March 27 - K trip to planetarium
Friday, March 29 - Kindergarten Each Day program performance
Friday, March 29 - 3rd grade Clark County Museum trip
Friday April 5 - Good Deeds Day  for K-5- 4th and 5th grades presentations during Shabbat
Sunday April 7 - Camp for Good - AEC camp open house and Good Deeds