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This Week in Lower School 2/5-2/9, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018
This week, we are excited to have new voices taking part of our weekly update! Two of our journalism club students, Lear Etzyoni (3rd Grade) and Brian Blinder (4th Grade), will be telling you all about our Dance Club and the Heart Awareness Assembly. Third through Fifth graders watched the Dance Club perform in their first big performance on Thursday’s Pep Rally, and our Lower School took part of the Heart Awareness Assembly on Monday. Mrs. Garner, our Science teacher, will tell you all about our amazing Chemical Garden project!
As a brief reminder, there is no school on February 16th and 19th.  Students are welcome to come dressed up as a favorite book or movie character for $1 on February 15th! All proceeds go to Make a Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada.

Heart Awareness

By Brian Blinder
Adelson students are proud to participate in the Heart Awareness Month. he American Heart Association is working to help teach people about their hearts. Y. During the assembly we talked about making your heart healthier and how.  There are two ways:  to exercise, and eat healthy.  They also said to have a fruit whenever you have a meal.  In PE we are jumping rope to make our hearts healthier.  Our goal is to jump rope for a minute.

Dance Club

By Lear Etzyoni
I got to watch Dance Club practice. In the beginning they started dancing with the music. Some middle schoolers came to dance with them. They also worked on a dance  for the Pep Rally this week. This is why they want to be in this club:

Lenox: “I wanted to be a dancer.”
Liam: “I can do a backflip.”
Ramey: “I liked it.”
Ethan: “I want to learn Hip Hop dancing.”
Joseph: “I want to dance.”
Fay: “I like to dance.”
Mackenzie: “I always wanted to be in this club.”
We dance at Adelson because we want more people to be athletic and perform with dances. Dancing is good for your health because it can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness.

Chemical Garden

By Mrs. Cheri Garner (Lower School Science)
This week  our fifth-grade students created chemical gardens in the Lower School Science Lab in honor of Col. Ilan Ramon, who was the first Israeli astronaut to go into space. He was a member of the Columbia Space Shuttle crew. Before the space shuttle left, Ramon asked Israeli teens to choose a science experiment that he would do in space. The students chose the experiment called the Chemical Garden.
To stay connected to his Judaism, Ilan Ramon brought a mini Torah he received from a Holocaust survivor, a kiddush cup, and a drawing of Earth as it would be seen from the Moon, drawn by a child while in a death camp. Unfortunately, the Columbia crashed on its way back to Earth on February 1, 2003.
We dedicate the Chemical Gardens we made today to Ilan Ramon in honor of his bravery and Jewish pride. Chemical Gardens are unique in that they are made from solutions and metal salts that create a chemical reaction that continues over hours and even days. They result is a garden-like looking creation that can be enjoyed in a covered jar for months to come.

Upcoming Programs and Events:

February 15th: 2nd Grade field trip to the Nevada State Museum
February 15th: Dress as your favorite character from a book or movie for $1 to benefit Make a Wish of Southern NV. (2nd grade will dress up on 2/14)
February 16th: In Service Day (for faculty) - NO SCHOOL
February 19th: Presidents Day - NO SCHOOL
March 1st: Purim Festivities: REQUESTING VOLUNTEERS! See Flyer
Please contact Monica Garin at or (702) 375-7448 or email Caline at
March 5th - 9th: Nevada Reading Week.
Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in reading a book  in your his/her class.
March 5th at 4:40-5:40 pm : Author Visit
To kick off Nevada Reading Week, an interactive program for families with Kentrell Martin, the author of  Shelly’s Adventures, a series that features a deaf character who struggles to communicate with the world around her.  
March 5th: 8:15 AM 4th Grade “Wax Museum” - a showcase of biography projects
March 7th 9:30am : Kindergarten trip to Summerlin public library for Reading Week.
March 8th: 1st Grade field trip to Seaquest
March 11th: Daylight Savings
March 12 & 13 for 4th grade WrAP Testing (Standardized Writing Assessment)
March 14 & 15 for 5th grade WrAP Testing (Standardized Writing Assessment)
March 14th: 1st and 2st grade field trip to watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins at the Smith Center
March 16th: Passover Shabbat K-5, 2nd Grade Performs
March 19th - March 23rd: Optional Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 19th - 21st: Passover Seders in classrooms (Times TBA)
March 20th - Harvest Garden for Farmer’s Market
March 21st - Farmer’s Market at drop off and pick up
March 21st: Progress Reports Distributed
March 26th - April 6th: Spring Break - NO SCHOOL