This Week in Lower School 3/11-3/15, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019
At Adelson we believe in the power of an integrated curriculum. Our 2nd graders had a Symbols Fair this week to culminate their social studies unit. Our 2nd graders learned all about symbols; in particular, symbols of the Nevada, the United States, and Israel.  Symbols have a deep impact on us as a society, giving us something to rally around and something that is instantly recognizable. Math, social studies, science, technology, writing, reading, Hebrew, music, and art were all incorporated into the unit that focused on the American and Israeli flags, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, and the bald eagle.  Measuring and creating life sized versions of the Statue of Liberty’s foot, the wingspan of a bald eagle, and an eagle’s highlighted the unit. They now have an appreciation of scale after this experiential project. View Photos
Pi Day activities - Our 3rd through 5th grade students celebrated Pi Day on Thursday 3/14 by participating in a festive math event put on by the high school math classes. Our students had the opportunity to visit 16 different math themed stations which included math bingo, math jeopardy, factor relays, math board games, matching games, Pi twister, a Pi day mural, and other fun math activities. Our high school students put in a lot of hard work and preparation for this thoughtful event and our  lower school students had a wonderful and enriching time celebrating this annual day of math. View Photos
Lower School Science In Action
Landform Science Projects - Grade 4
Our Grade 4 scientists have been studying landforms as part of our earth science unit. They have been making and investigating different types of maps and using stream tables outdoors to recreate the formation of the Grand Canyon. To culminate this unit and dig a little deeper, these ambitious fourth graders went above and beyond building very impressive  3-dimensional models of specific landforms on Earth using a variety of materials. Additionally, students chose one of the following presentation ideas to share what they learned:
  • Engaging and informative slide show
  • Student produced video of a demonstration
  • Engaging demonstration in front of the class
  • Colorful/informative poster  
These replicas of landforms like the Grand Canyon, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Hood, Mt. Etna, Bonneville Salt Flats, Nile Delta, etc. are all on display on the Upper School landing just passed the Dining Commons. Stop the “Landform Museum” and learn more about these amazing features of our Earth.
Moon Camp Challenge - Grade 5
Our Grade 5 scientists and designers have now completed the Moon Camp Challenge. This learning-by-design challenge is an educational and inspirational project offered by the European Space Agency and Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk. Students worked in groups of three to design their own Moon Camp using Tinkercad as their 3D modeling tool. This was an amazing opportunity for them to put their technology and designing skills to work on an exciting project. Additionally, students had to explain their work by completing extensive sections of writing. They answered questions and described where their Moon Camp would be located, how many astronauts it would accommodate, how large it would be, what Moon resources they would use, how they would power and protect the camp, where their water and food would come from, and what their mission would be while they lived there. As they worked through their earth science unit, they deepened their understanding of our moon and became familiar with space exploration and astronaut's needs while living beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Students also brainstormed all the amazing experiments and areas of study they could investigate while living on the Moon. Last Friday, each group presented their Tinkercad Moon Camp design in front of their parents and shared their explanations and justifications based on their studies.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a wonderful weekend,
Lilach Bluevise and the Lower School team
Summer Camp at AEC 2019
Registration for Summer Camp at Adelson Campus is open. We are offering programs for preschool - 5th grade -  click here for more information about programming. Take advantage of Adelson student discount valid with code “adelsonstudent”. Please see registration link:
If you are interested in the AEC Family Trip to Israel this summer, please email To view the flyer, click here.  

Save the Date:

Thursday March 21 - Purim celebration; 3rd grade act out the Megillah flyer
Wednesday March 27 - Kindergarten+ Ms. Lower's class-  trip to planetarium
Friday, March 29 - Kindergarten + Ms. Lower's class  Earth Day program performance
Friday, March 29 - 3rd grade Clark County Museum trip
Thursday, April 4 - Fairy Tale experience 1st grade (rescheduled from February)
Friday April 5 - Good Deeds Day  for K-5- 4th and 5th grades presentations during Shabbat
Sunday April 7 - Camp for Good - AEC camp open house and Good Deeds
Wednesday, April 10 - K-5 Field Day
Thursday April 11 - 4th grade assembly - Learning from Artifacts
Tuesday- Thursday April 9-11 Passover Seders 
Monday April 15 to Friday April 26- No school, Passover break
Monday April 29 - School resumes