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This Week in Lower School 4/16-4/20, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018
Our students celebrated Israel this week with Yom Ha’azmaut,  Israel’s Independence Day! Israel is celebrating 70 years since becoming an independent state in 1948, and here at Adelson we observed that with RUACH (spirit) and much joy. Students played games such as a giant Shoots and Ladders, created art, participated in Israeli dances, and learned cool trivia facts.
Classes from Preschool to Upper School created windows in a school-wide art project celebrating the talents and creativity of our school. The windows show our connection to Israel in a very creative way and definitely represents each one of our students and teachers.
After the opening assembly, the Preschool students enjoyed visiting the ‘beach,’ writing notes at the Kotel, shopping in the shuk, flying El Al, and eating Israeli pita with chocolate spread. The stations were well planned and beautifully executed with props and age appropriate games and assignments. Students could choose between different activities in each classroom. They were all very engaged.
Thank you to everyone who made the day so special - our Hebrew Department, the Shinshiniot, teachers, and so many others.
On April 20th, we held special Earth Day Shabbats where the choir performed an environmentally themed song and students took an active role in learning and celebrating the Earth. We invite you to watch a special video on Hiriya Recycling Park - A Mount of Change and the short video about the 3 Rs.
We are so excited to have our students perform at the Venetian on Sunday, April 22nd. Our wonderful 3rd-graders, Dance Club, and Choir will meet at 1:40 PM at the Adelson Booth within the Venetian. Parents are expected to chaperone their children (admission is free). The link for the event, Celebrate Israel, click here.
Our Journalism Club also learned more about Israel over the last two weeks; writing articles about the country’s foods, sports, technology, and about our own celebrations.
Israel Turns 70!
By: Jahslyn S. and Ariel A.

Wait a second, did you hear that Israel is turning 70? Yom Ha'atzmaut is a major party in Israel. They celebrate by going around on the street, having parties, and celebrating. We also celebrate by partying and having a joyful, fun time celebrating Israel and its fantastic qualities. So get your party hats on!

On April 19, 2018, we celebrated Israel by playing games doing activities both inside and on the field.  The fifth graders did a lot of special activities. In Hebrew class, the fifth graders worked on special projects for the 70th birthday. The student council also had a game, and the kids in student council helped run it. S
The shinshiniot and the school put a lot of hard work and dedication to this and it was an amazing time. Every kid in Lower School decorated a t-shirt with ‘70’ on it.
We had a wonderful time and celebrate Israel.
Food in Israel
By Lear E.
Israel has its own types of foods; there are a lot of kinds. I’m going to tell you about two foods we eat in Israel. The foods are hummus and falafel.

Hummus is made of beans blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. Hummus is in grocery stores in North America and Europe. Hummus is a popular food in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Falafel is made with chickpeas, broad beans, or both. It is a deep fried ball. It is mostly liked in Egypt. It is 57 calories. It is mostly served in a pita.

My favorite is falafel. I like falafel because it is crunchy especially with the pita!
Israel and Sports
By Brian B.
There are many sports in Israel, but today I will be introducing you to the two most popular.

The most popular sport in Israel is soccer. In the UEFA cup 2001-2002. Hapoel-Tel Aviv made it to the quarterfinals. In 1967 they were the first club to win the Asian Club Championships. Israel has 12 professional teams, and about 20,000 people go to games in person.

The second most popular sport in Israel is basketball. Maccabi Tel Aviv has won the European league 6 times! They are one of the best! The years they won are 1977, 1981, 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2014.

But Israelis don't just play for Israel. They are here in the US too! Omri Casspi, who is an Israeli basketball player, has played for the Sacramento Kings, the Golden State Warrior, and the Israel National Basketball Team. He is one of the very few Israelis who played in the NBA.

In conclusion, while there are many Israeli sports, the most popular ones are soccer and basketball. I hope you learned more about Israeli sports in this article.
Waze is the Way
By Cru W.
Waze was first created in 2006 by an Israeli company founded by Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar, and Uri Levine. Then, in 2013, Google bought Waze for over a billion dollars. So far, Waze is one of the most popular GPS’s in the world.

I think Waze is better than Google Maps. The reason I think that is because Waze has more alerts to keep you safe and careful of where you drive. Google Maps doesn't have as many alerts that help you right away. So you might get a surprise! Waze is a great traffic map because of its unique alerts and voice commands that make noises so you don’t have to look at your phone. All you do is have a nice drive and enjoy the road.

Upcoming Events and Programs

April 23rd to April 26th - 4th Grade CPT Testing
April 25th - the Mob Museum visits the 4th Grade discussing artifacts and history
April 25th - JK field trip to Dolphin Habitat
April 27th - 2nd Grade Symbols Presentation in the Lower School Gym after Shabbat
April 30th - 4th Grade trip to the Hoover Dam
April 30th to May 3rd - 5th Grade CPT Testing
May 3rd 8:15am - Kindergarten Earth, Sun, and Moon Presentation
May 4th - Field Day (after Shabbat)
May 11th - End of the Year Show (2’s)
May 11th - 3rd  Grade Native American Presentation after Shabbat (in the MPR)
May 15th 10:30am - Willy Wonka show for all LS students
May 15th 5:30pm - Lower School Musical  Willy Wonka”
May 16th 2:00pm and 5:30pm- Lower School Musical  “Willy Wonka”
May 17th - End of the Year Show (3’s)
May 18th 10:00am Preschool Shabbat (note special time)
May 18th 8:15am - End of the Year Show (JK) in the theater  followed by reception in the gym
May 18th - 1:45pm 5th Grade Move Up celebration and Shabbat , followed by a reception for 5th  grade in the gym (note special Shabbat time)
May 21st - Shavuot - NO SCHOOL
May 22nd - Shavuot Farmer’s Market at dismissal
May 25th - Kindergarten through 5th Closing Celebration
May 25th - Last Day of School - EARLY DISMISSAL