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This Week in Lower School 4/23-4/27, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018
At Adelson we believe in the power of an integrated curriculum. Our JK and 2nd graders have both had events this week that focus on their current units of study, units which expanded into every academic subject.
Our 2nd graders have been learning all about symbols; in particular symbols of the United States, Israel, and Nevada.  Symbols have a deep impact on us as a society, giving us something to rally around and something that is instantly recognizable.  Math, social studies, science, technology, writing, reading, and art were all incorporated as the unit focused on the American flag, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, and the bald eagle.  Students created a life size version of the Statue of Liberty’s foot and measured how many of their feet equaled the 25 ft foot of the statue. After learning the significance and history of each symbol, our students created and wrote about a symbol that represents themselves.  The unit culminated in a special presentation Friday morning, where students were able to show off all their hard work and shared what they learned with families and lower school students. View photos.
By using integrated methods of education, our 2nd grade students have learned how all encompassing a topic of subject can be. Their deeper understanding of symbols will carry them through third grade, where they will again see symbols when studying Native American tribes and American history. In Judaic Studies they will be able to appreciate Jewish symbols on a more cognitive level.
Our JK students have been learning about the ocean and marine life through songs, art projects, presentations, books, and finally their very special field trip on Wednesday to the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. They were able to see the dolphin habitat, learn about their diet, and observe them performing tricks with their handlers.  The students had a wonderful time seeing their underwater friends come to life!
During Enrichments, our Coding & Lego class had a great time using their noggins as they worked together to complete the Marshmallow Challenge. This challenge is used at every level: from kindergarten to CEOs at retreats. The challenge lies in creating the tallest structure possible with a yard of tape, a yard of strip, and 20 uncooked spaghetti pieces in 18 minutes. Not only does the structure have to stand, but it also must be able to balance a marshmallow at the top of it!
Our students worked in teams of three and four; they were purposely mixed with fellow students of different grade levels and encouraged to experiment, communicate, and enjoy the building. Many groups were successful by creating structures they saw in class (such as teepees from 3rd grade, or squares from math classes). By having them create a structure as a team in an Enrichment, they see how what they learn in class can be used in a real world situation.


Upcoming Events and Programs

April 30th - 4th Grade trip to the Hoover Dam
April 30th to May 3rd - 5th Grade CPT Testing
May 3rd 8:15am - Kindergarten Earth, Sun, and Moon Presentation
May 4th - Field Day (after Shabbat) - wear spirit wear and apply sunscreen
May 11th - End of the Year Show (2’s)
May 11th - 3rd  Grade Native American Presentation after Shabbat (in the MPR)
May 15th 10:30am - Willy Wonka show for all LS students
May 15th 5:30pm - Lower School Musical  Willy Wonka”
May 16th 2:00pm and 5:30pm- Lower School Musical  “Willy Wonka” - BUY TICKETS
May 17th - End of the Year Show (3’s)
May 18th 10:00am Preschool Shabbat (note special time)
May 18th 8:15am - End of the Year Show (JK) in the theater  followed by reception in the gym
May 18th - 1:45pm 5th Grade Move Up celebration and Shabbat , followed by a reception for 5th  grade in the gym (note special Shabbat time)
May 21st - Shavuot - NO SCHOOL
May 22nd - Shavuot Farmer’s Market at dismissal
May 25th - Kindergarten through 5th Closing Celebration
May 25th - Last Day of School - EARLY DISMISSAL