This Week in Lower School 4/3/2020

Friday, April 3, 2020
Staying Active
More important than ever, Coach Lamph, Coach A., Coach Lisa, and Coach McGinnis have been finding ways to keep our community active! Physical activity is one of the best stress reducers and avenues for mental clarity. Coach Lisa has been conducting live Zoom movement classes for our preschool students. The children love to jump, hop, and do many of the same exercises that they are used to doing while at school. Coach Lamph, Coach A., and Coach McGinnis have done live zoom workouts for grades 3rd - 5th, which have been excellent for students to take a break and release some energy.  They have also put together a challenge for all Lower School students to send in photos or videos of them being active. As the students submit additional activities, they continue to rack up sticker tallies to show their work done so far. It’s a fun and easy way to stay in shape in these cooped up times. 
Wacky Wednesday
Our K- 5 students were about to have a little fun on Wednesday, April 1st. They had an opportunity to be “wacky.” Students could bring their best interpretations of wacky wear, or they could have wacky hair or a wacky hat to display to their classmates on their live Zoom calls. It was a fun and light moment during this difficult time.   
Passover Seders
Our traditional school Passover Seders are curtailed as we are away from school, but it hasn’t diminished our spirit. We did have pleasant Passover-themed Shabbats from Preschool to 5th grade. Additionally, we have a nice Passover resource to share with our community called AEC SHARES PASSOVER 
Spring Break Activities
AEC faculty have compiled a number of activities for parents and children to do together: