This Week in Lower School 4/8-4/12, 2019

Friday, April 12, 2019
The instruction of thematic units is planned in a spiral way to reflect the growth and development in content and skills from grade to grade. Same guidelines helped us in structuring the Passover unit.
Our youngest preschool students (18 months and 2s) experienced being part of the Passover story and seder. Our 3s and JK students were able to help retell the story, and sing a small selection of Passover songs.
During our K-1st grade Seder, we saw the growth of each grade level. Our Kindergarten students learned about the fourteen orders of the Seder and were introduced to many new songs from the Haggadah, they enjoyed joining in as our older students were leading those at the seder. Our K students proudly sang the “Ma Nishtana” (the Four Questions). First and Second grade was able to follow along in the actual Haggadah leading us in blessings and songs. Our Second graders learned the full Passover story through experiential learning as they acted out the story in their classes. During the Seder they shared a few of the Hebrew songs from the story.
Second, third, and fourth grade participated in a Seder completely led by the students. Our fourth graders led us through each order and narrated explanations of the things we do during the Seder. One of the focuses of third grade was B’chol dor vador. In every generation, everyone should see themselves as they left Egypt. The art project the third graders did was a mirror to symbolize that phrase from the Haggadah.
5th grade participated in a student-led Seder with the 6th graders. In the learning process, the students each researched one part of the Haggadah. They found multiple commentaries on why and how we do each part. They then created a presentation and shared it during our Seder.
The 5th grade ran the Passover Shuk after the K-4 Seders, they sold hand crafted Passover items made by the K-4th grade students during Good Deeds Day. They were able to raise over  $800 which all will be donated to Make A Wish.
Mob Museum
This year, fourth grade has been studying Nevada history and Westward Expansion.  On Thursday, fourth graders prepared for their upcoming field trip to the Hoover Dam by participating in a “Traveling Museum” presentation by the Mob Museum about the early days of Las Vegas and Boulder City and the impact of the Boulder Dam project on our community’s history.  Students had an opportunity to examine real artifacts from the museum, including a canvas water canteen used by Hoover Dam workers, a washboard used by early residents of tent cities, and a “key to the city” souvenir presented by President Roosevelt in 1935.
CSI: Adelson Beach
Grade 4-5: Case of the Missing Millionaire/Forensic Science Unit
April 5 Crime Scene: Our fourth-grade CSI detectives were lead through a made up “crime scene” last Friday, April 5 by our fifth graders to solve a mystery on the porch of a beach house using forensic science. Our fourth graders went around the crime scene looking at evidence and taking notes. They wore gloves and got a CSI crime scene badge.
April 12 Forensic Labs: Our detectives tested evidence from the crime scene to determine what might have happened to the missing millionaire. The ten labs included “Smells”, “DNA”, “Fingerprints”, “Cola Test”, ”Melted Ice”, “Secret Note/Handwriting” and “Burning Threads/Fabrics” and others that put our forensic science abilities to the test. Students enjoyed using their higher-level thinking skills to put the pieces of this mystery together.
Winning T-Shirt Design
The winner of the AEC spirit T-Shirt design contest was Ethan Cohen. The winning theme is titled “We Can Change the World.” All Lower School students will receive a shirt with this design and wear them on Wednesdays. Students will also wear their shirts on Field Day as well. Congratulations Ethan!
Summer Camp at AEC 2019
Registration for Summer Camp at Adelson Campus is open. We are offering programs for preschool - 5th grade click here for more information about programming. Take advantage of Adelson student discount valid with code “adelsonstudent”. Please see registration link:
Used Uniform Sale
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Save the Date:

Monday April 15 to Friday April 26- No school, Passover break
Monday April 29 - School resumes
April 30 to May 10 - Standardized testing for fifth grade
Wednesday May 1 - 1st grade Seaquest field trip
Friday May 3 - K-5 Challah bake for Rosh Chodesh
May 6 - May 8 - Standardized testing 4th grade
Tuesday May 7 - 4th grade Hoover Dam trip
Wednesday May 8 - Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) commemoration (grades 3-5)
Thursday May 9- Yom Ha’azmaut (Israel’s Independence Day)
Friday May 10- 3rd grade Native American presentation
May 14, May 15 - Annie musical
Thursday May 16-  Baby Bears and Baby Pandas end of year program, 8:00am in Beit Midrash
Friday May 17 - 2’s end of year program
Monday May 20 - JK end of year program 8:30am in Theater
Tuesday May 21- 5th grade Move Up program
Wednesday May 22 - 3s end of year program 8:30am in Theater
Thursday, May 23rd - K-5 Field Day (Rescheduled from April 10th)
Thursday May 23 - K trip Dolphin Habitat
Friday May 24 Last day of school; 8:30am closing celebration K-5; early dismissal