This Week in Lower School 5/22-5/25, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

The 2017 - 2018 school year is at an end; we have so many wonderful memories of friends and learning from a whole year of amazing events, projects, and opportunities. Thank you for partnering with us throughout this successful year of learning and growth.
Watch the End of Year Celebration Shabbat, PLAY VIDEO
We wish you all a wonderful and safe summer. We are here for you if you need to reach us during the summer.
Thank you for a great year,
Lilach Bluevise and the Leadership Team

Our journalism club students wrapped their last club session by offering reflections on the school year.

3rd Grade
By Mackenzie George, 3rd Grade
My favorite thing about third grade was math. I also liked the play that we did. It was really fun. I can’t wait to do next year’s play! I also liked Field Day. It was fun because we could get wet! In 3rd grade I made lots of friends. I also liked the Purim festival. I liked the Purim festival because there was a bouncy slide.
Something I will miss in 4th grade is Ms. Lasky. She helped me learn proper grammar, and she taught me to do multiplication.
What I Did This Year
By Hannah Corbin, 4th Grade
This year at Adelson was a great one. 4th grade was hard, but fun at the same time. This year, we read Wonder and saw the movie too. One thing that I thought was fun was going to the Hoover Dam. I also loved Willy Wonka. Another thing I’ll miss is reading Wonder and Fish in a Tree while we ate snack. We also read Holes and saw the movie.
Next year I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and being in the show again. I really like doing Tikkun Olam and science. I’ll really miss my friends and teachers over the summer, but I’ll look  forward to seeing you again.
Yearbook Memories
By Cru Wilson, 4th Grade
I am very sad that the year has almost ended. The memories we all share will have to move on. I hope that more good memories will appear as I move on to 5th grade. Some of my friends will be in different schools, but new students will come and I’ll be friends with them. I always liked my teachers and I will miss Ms. Romick.
To my teachers, I have to say you all were the best and greatest for me. You would always teach us new things and strategies to get us farther through the school year. I will always remember what you did for us.
Justin’s Wrap Up
By Justin Reisman, 5th Grade
This year my favorite subject was math, because math is very easy with Ms. Cherney. She was very nice and she’d always do something fun for us. My favorite thing about this year was Field Day and Willy Wonka, because Field Day was awesome and we made the stations. Willy Wonka was so fun because performing on stage is a treat and you only get it once a year and every year I do it. I do it every year because acting is so fun and when you are acting everyone is looking at you which can be scary for the first time but I got used to it, so I was totally fine. I won’t miss this year, because there is a new year coming up with new things.