This Week in Lower School 5/7-5/11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018
It is always wonderful to showcase students’ work and celebrate milestones together! Today we celebrated end of year Shabbat with our 2 year olds and enjoyed a wonderful presentation culminating their Native American study by the third graders.
Our Green Caterpillars and Green Frogs showed their mastery and love of books by presenting the morals and songs they learned. They continued with their colors in Hebrew and ended with a beautiful spirited Shabbat. We would like to thank their dedicated teachers for a wonderful year and a heartwarming celebration today. A special thank you to our supportive parents- we are so happy to partner with you in your children's education.
Third grade presentation was a celebration of Social Studies unit focusing on the regions of the United States. The third grade presented their final Native American projects for families and fellow students in second and fourth grades.  This integrated unit included reading literature and poetry, math, art, science, technology, music, and even cooking. Through this experiential approach, students gain knowledge of history and further developed social studies and language art skills in the process. VIEW PHOTOS.
After learning about the tribes that live in each region, students chose to study a tribe of their own.  The projects included student created three dimensional tribal village to show the habitat, environment, homes, and lifestyle of the tribe. Students created a multimedia presentation using the Prezi program which they shared with the class.  After taking an online quiz to find out their spirit animal, students designed a spirit animals using the program Tinkercad. The students especially enjoyed loading their designs into the 3D printers in the Startup Incubator where they watched their creations come to life. A QR code was included to give specific characteristics of the spirit animals.  Students shared an authentic dance and song and portfolios and artifacts were displayed. Watch the dance video.
Today in K-5 Shabbat we celebrated Jerusalem Day. This commemorates the 28th of Iyar - the Hebrew date on which the divided city of Jerusalem was united, symbolizing the continued historical connection of the Jewish People to Jerusalem.
Sending shabbat wishes and love to all the parents in our community for Mother’s Day!
We are proud to share another article from Journalism Club. This time Justin is proud to show his team’s dedication and sportsmanship.
The Middle School Adelson Soccer Team
By Justin Reisman, 5th Grade                                            
The soccer team comes off with a rough season. The soccer team only won once. The soccer team tried their best to make goals and block shots. Every game or practice everyone kept getting better at their moves: passing, shooting, and defense. All of those are things the soccer team has to master.
The soccer team was made up of very good players; they played really well. We had the best goalkeeper this season. He wasn't afraid to get hit in the face or anywhere else. He just went for the ball when it came to him or someone was shooting. The second to last game he got hit in the face but he was strong. Maybe next year we can go to the finals!  

Upcoming Events and Programs

May 15th 10:30am - Willy Wonka show for all LS students
May 15th 5:30pm - Lower School Musical  “Willy Wonka” BUY TICKETS
May 16th 2:00pm and 5:30pm- Lower School Musical  “Willy Wonka” BUY TICKETS
May 17th, 9:30 AM in the Theater - End of the Year Show (3’s)  - See FLYER
May 18th 10:00 AM - all Preschool Shabbat (note special time in lieu of regular Shabbat times)
May 18th, 8 AM in the Theater - End of the Year Show (JK) in the theater followed by reception in the LS Gym - See FLYER
May 18th - 1:45pm Shabbat for K-5 (note special Shabbat time)
May 18th - 1:45pm 5th Grade Move Up celebration and Shabbat, followed by a reception for 5th grade in the gym (note special Shabbat time) - See FLYER
May 21st - Shavuot - NO SCHOOL
May 22nd - Shavuot Farmer’s Market at dismissal
May 23rd, 8:15 AM in the Beit Midrash -  Baby Bears end of year celebration, Beit Midrash - See FLYER
May 24th - Dress down for $1 benefiting Make a Wish Foundation
May 25th, 8:15 AM - Closing Celebration Assembly in the theater. All students will be treated to shows by K-5 students recapping the year; we will see performances from the dance team, choir, and the cast of “Willy Wonka”. Marie Curie Challenge medals will be presented then as well. Parents are invited to join. Preschool students will attend the performances. An ice cream party funded by Anderson Dairy and the Robertson Family will follow for our K-5 students.
May 25th - Last Day of School - EARLY DISMISSAL  (11:15 for preschool; 11:30 for K-5)