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This Week in Lower School 9/11/2020

Friday, September 11, 2020
Each week, we will highlight a specific grade level and a special in the Lower School. It is our goal to give a snapshot of the many wonderful things that are happening in all of our grade levels and specials. 
5th Grade Highlights: 
As part of the 5th grade Social Studies unit on colonization, our students were able to see how history can come alive through experiential education. Our 5th graders joined with their fellow colonists for a colonization simulation. Students rolled dice to see why they were sailing to the new land. Was it to earn money for investors, sail for the government, or seek religious freedom?  After that, colonists created flags and pledges to join them on their journeys.  As explorers to the new world, students loaded their cargo and will set sail next week.  Since this generation is accustomed to Disney Cruise Lines, we felt it important to sketch the actual size of their colonial ships on the playground.  They were cramped and tiny!  With only a certain amount of wealth, students needed to choose and provide cargo for all three of their ships.  Loans will be taken out for any outstanding debt.  
In Language Arts, the fifth grade students were given the opportunity to write about their snack from different perspectives. The first time, they viewed their snack from across the room and realized how little they could explain about it.  After that, students touched, smelled, tasted, and experienced their snack.  Using vivid verbs, figurative language, and attention to the five senses, students were able to describe their snack in a way that made the reader’s mouth water.  This exercise is preparation with use of writing strategies to craft their first descriptive narrative. 
Music Highlights K-5: 
Students from Kindergarten to second grade Music class are using the Kids Music Factory app to learn how to play piano, read and play music with play along songs, learn solfege, learn how to write music, and learn melody and harmony. Students in Grades 3-5 are using the Garage Band app to learn basic piano, music theory concepts such as chord progressions and harmony, how to create multi-track songs, and also how to use the DJ feature.
Music Highlights Preschool:
The 3’s and JK students are singing, moving, and learning rhythms in music! The students are able to have music in the classroom, as well as, moving to the outside classroom for music and fresh air.  18 months 2’s are able to follow Ms. Kearns YouTube channel for preschool video sing-alongs!
Rosh Hashanah Cards:
One of the customs for the Hebrew month of Elul - the last month before the holiday of Rosh Hashanah is to write Shana Tova cards wishing others a happy new year. This year our older students from 3rd to 5th grade learned the importance of not only wishing our family and friends a happy new year but also elder people in our community. They wrote and decorated beautiful Rosh Hashana cards for Holocaust survivors in our community- this was in partnership with the IAC. The cards will be added to Rosh Hashana baskets for the survivors.
First Grade Shabbat Performance:
First grade have learned about the meaning of the Shofar blasts- as well as the names of all the different blasts. In art they created and decorated their own mini shofars out of paper. In addition they learned about the importance of wishing your family a Happy New Year- Shana Tova. During Shabbat they sang a song about wishing your family Shana Tova and how you bring in the new year as we blow the shofar.
During our Shabbats today our Shinshinim wished us Shana Tova by showing us how they celebrate Rosh Hashanah this year. In conjunction we spoke about how we celebrate Rosh Hashanah in a different but safe manner. Watch video

Important Dates: 

9/18 - Erev Rosh Hashanah - No School 
9/28 - Yom Kippur - No School 
10/2 - Sukkot - No School 
10/9 - Professional Development for Teachers - No School For Students 
10/15 - End of Q1
10/29 - Virtual Parent Conferences and progress report distribution - No School for Students 
10/30 - Nevada Day - No School 
11/3 - Student Council Elections (Grades 3-5)
11/25 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving - No School