This Week in Lower School 9/17-9/21, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018
After Yom Kippur, our students started their experiential learning about the next Holiday coming up, Sukkot. Our first graders learned what is needed to construct a Sukkah, they enjoyed building Sukkahs from our blocks on the playground. Our fourth graders learned about the locations you can and can not build a sukkah- Did you know you can build a Sukkah on a bike, on a boat, and on the play structure? Inviting guests to the Sukkah is an important part of Sukkot- our fifth graders are studying about the special seven guests, Ushpizin, that are visiting in the Sukkah. During Kabbalat Shabbat we said the blessing and shook the four species (Lulav-Palm, Etrog-citrus, Arava-willow, Hadas-myrtle), in second grade we learn that each of them represents a body part, our third graders will learn the special senses related to the four species and they will be able to locate where in Israel we can find the four species. Also during Kabbalat Shabbat, our amazing Shinshiniot inspired our Lower School teachers to get into the Sukkot spirit, watch video.
This past Sunday, Lower School families participated in Tashlich at Floyd Lamb Park. This has become a beautiful tradition for the AEC community, when families and staff come together to celebrate the new Jewish year, and participate in the Tashlich event. Our group of 107 people had a nice walk around the ponds, where we reflected on the past year and casted out our sins. Adelson senior Dana B, read a wonderful story titled “New Year at the Pier” to the entire group. Additionally, our families had arts and crafts, played soccer, horseshoes, danced, and ate apples and honey under the leadership of our wonderful seniors, Ore I., Elizabeth C., and Dana B. We created chains for our Lower School Sukkah and made our very own Tzedakah boxes. A special thank you to all of the volunteers and families who joined us to make this event a success.  View photos.

Upcoming Programs & Activities

Thursday, September 27th 5:30pm - Sukkot Experience for PS families
Friday, September 28th- Hakafot during Shabbat K-5
Friday, October 5th - K-5 students Challah Baking for Rosh Chodesh
Monday, October 8th - Morning enrichment courses for K-5 start
Sunday, October 7th - Family Fun Day. 10am-1pm
Tuesday, October 9th - 3rd Grade field trip to Springs Preserve
Tuesday, October 9th - Music Together Sing Shalom - 9:00am
Wednesday, October 17th - Second grade field trip
Friday, October 19th - Make-a-Wish parent event after Shabbat
Monday, October 22nd - Kindergarten field trip to Spring Mtn. Ranch
Thursday, October 25th - Parent/Teacher conferences; early dismissal
(PS 11:15, K-5 11:30am); no aftercare and after-school programs
Sunday, November 4th: Card Board Boat Races - 12pm-2pm
Tuesday November 27 – Tuesday December 4, 2018  Book Fair
Sunday December 2, 2018 - PTO Hanukkah Book Fair event for families
Thursday December 6, 2018-  K-5 Hanukkah Show @ Theater 5:30pm
Friday, December 14th - 4th grade “Wax Museum” - biography presentation