This Week in Lower School 9/3-9/6, 2019

Friday, September 6, 2019
Pride in Excellence 
Our morning enrichment program will begin on Monday, September 9th. These courses are designed to enhance the educational experience for students who are interested in participating in these optional programs before the school day begins.  Our enrichments include Coding, 2 infinity and beyond (Math), Project Beyond Junior Prep, Project Beyond Junior, Choir, Runners Club, Student Council, and Battle of the Books. All enrichments courses are led by members of our outstanding teaching faculty. 
Wild About Reading is off to an excellent start. Over the past week, we have received 12 submissions from 8 different students. All submissions will be on display outside the Library. Congratulations to the following students for making reading a part of their daily routine: Anabelle Tsai (Kinder); Hannah Erlichman and Chloe Ghadishah (Second Grade); Lilah Cohen and Emilia Tsai (Third Grade); and Sivan Barshishat, Zenn Danner, and Alex Livits (Fourth Grade). Each student will receive their starter chain and collectable charm. We encourage every student to become A Proud Adelson Reader.
Pride in Jewish Values 
The Lower School students are excited to greet the new year. We will be learning about the traditions, foods, and customs of Rosh Hashanah. During the Hebrew month of Elul (the last month of the Jewish calendar), we reflect and prepare for the upcoming holidays and year. The Shofar is blown every day during Elul.
This week, our 3rd graders had the opportunity to make their very own shofar led by Rabbi Metal and the Shofar Factory. They learned about which animal horns can be used to make a shofar, as well as, the process of how to make a shofar. Rabbi Metal demonstrated drilling the hole, cutting the edge, and sanding down the shofar. The students worked very hard on their own shofars and were able to take their finished product home. We all enjoyed when they had the opportunity to blow their shofars at Kabbalat Shabbat. Watch the 3rd Grade Shofar Performance
Additionally, our 3s and JK students attended a preview of the Shofar Factory. They learned about the shofar and heard the sounds of the three different blows. During Kabbalat Shabbat, all the Preschool students sang and danced to a special shofar song teaching about the different blows. We are excited to continue our learning about the symbolic foods of the holiday, creating Shanah Tovah cards, and singing holiday songs. 
Pride in the Community 
We are gearing up for our 6th annual Splash and Dash and annual Family Fun Day, now named Lions Pride Day. Please join us for these wonderful events that bring our school community together.


9/02 - Labor Day - No School
9/09 - Morning Enrichments Begin 7:15am
9/13 - Picture Day for Students
9/15 - Splash and Dash, 7:30 am - View Flyer
9/17 - 1st Grade Field Trip to Natural History Museum 
9/22 - Lions Pride Day (formerly known as Family Fun Day) - View Flyer
9/24 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Albertsons 
9/27 - Rosh Chodesh (Round Challah Bake) - Rosh Hashanah
9/30 - Rosh Hashanah - No School 
10/1 - Rosh Hashanah - No School
10/6 - Tashlich Event for families (Floyd Lamb Park) 10:00am - 11:30am - View Flyer
10/8 - Yom Kippur - No School 
10/9 - Yom Kippur - No School 
10/11 - End of Quarter 1
10/11 - 2nd grade performs at Shabbat (Theater)
10/14 - Sukkot - No School 
10/15 - Sukkot - No School 
10/17 - Preschool Sukkot Experience - Details to follow
10/21 - Sh’mini Atzeret - No School 
10/22 - Simchat Torah - No School 
10/24 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Spring Mtn. Ranch
10/25 - Nevada Day - No School 
10/30 - 2nd Grade Field Trip to Las Vegas Wetlands