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This Week in Upper School 10/12-10/16, 2020

Friday, October 16, 2020
High School “Happiest Spirit Week on Earth!”
The following are the daily activities for the high school only, culminating in the Homecoming movie extravaganza: 
Monday: Sleeping Beauty's Pajama Day 
Tuesday: Tangled Crazy Hair Day 
Wednesday: Colors of the Wind Class Colors Day (freshmen wear red; sophomores wear black; juniors wear blue; and seniors wear white)
Thursday: Disney Duos (or group costume day) 
Friday: Moana's Hawaiian Shirt Day 
Saturday: Movie Night, cost: $5.00 - showing from 8-10:30pm
Physics Students Design Crash Helmets
By David Peltz
Physics Honors students are engaged in an authentic, engineering design project to develop a protective crash helmet with the purpose of safeguarding a population of people from traumatic head (brain) injury. Teams are designing and prototyping their ideas using a hardboiled egg to represent the human head since both are fragile and have a similar shape. The students are currently measuring the dimensions of the egg with calipers and recording egg masses with scales, then using the data to design helmets that will fit their eggs comfortably. Additionally, dropping these eggs produces baseline data to see how well the natural egg shell protects the egg without a helmet. Eventually, students will use Tinkercad to design their three-dimensional helmets and then employ our 3D printers in the Startup Incubator to fabricate their plans. This project requires students to apply physics concepts like Newton’s laws, collisions, and impulse -- fundamental ideas that they are learning in the classroom. Students will also use other technologies to display their findings and to bring to light the importance of protecting yourself from traumatic brain injuries.
Swimming Records 
By Becky Lamph
Last year, in the sole meet of the 2020 swim season, both Adam Super and Sara Bautista broke the school record in the 200 Individual Medley! Adam’s time of 2:13.16 minutes beat the previous record by 5 seconds. Sara’s 2:26.70 minute swim was nearly a 9-second improvement on the previous record. As is tradition, Adam and Sara added their record-breaking event times to our swim record boards. We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to more records out of these two AEC athletes.
Joad Family Scrapbooks from The Grapes of Wrath
 Honors American Literature students in David Girard’s and Nicole Ceccacci’s course just wrapped up a novel study addressing The Grapes of Wrath -- Steinbeck’s famous work that tells the story of a poor family of tenant farmers, the Joads, and their life experiences during the Great Depression. For their culminating projects, many juniors and seniors chose to create a “Joad Family Scrapbook” featuring memorabilia that the family might have collected or encountered, documenting the significance of each artifact to the novel. Students brought together creativity and insight in constructing their projects, sharing their completed scrapbooks with their classmates, and now, with you! Their beautiful works demonstrate the care and respect our upperclassmen exhibited in retelling this American Classic through mixed media. Enjoy!