This Week in Upper School 10/7-10/11, 2019

Friday, October 11, 2019

Pride in Excellence
Chemistry students have been exploring the field of astrochemistry, examining how stars make elements and how astrochemists measure the properties of stars. Today, one student group presented their final project by teaching the class about the light spectra emitted by stars. The group then led the class through a lab experience, allowing their classmates to observe how the light emitted by a star shows what elements are in that particular star. To demonstrate the concept, students heated three different solutions over a flame and observed the color changes of the flames. Students then predicted which elements they were observing based on the flame colors.
Constitutional Law students completed their first project-based learning experience this week with presentations about the post-apocalyptic governments that they developed. Students had to use their knowledge of government structures and historical context that contributed to the creation of the United State Constitution to develop a new government after a worldwide zombie apocalypse. Students determined an ideal location for their new political state that aligned with their mission statement, they developed laws and rights for their citizens, and crafted governments that would support and defend the survival of the ideals they wanted to uphold. They created numerous artifacts such as flags, maps, citizen brochures, and info graphics to represent and explain their new countries and then presented these to the citizens who would be living there. Every presentation included a question and answer session where “citizens” could question the head of state about what life would be like in the new world.
Sunday members of the AEC Science National Honor Society participated in a field trip to the southern end of the Spring Mountains to learn about soil in desert communities with scientists Doug Merkler and Dr. Lois Merkler. Students participated in analyzing soil profiles and learned how to collect and process samples to measure salts in soil. As part of his AEC Capstone Project, senior, Ryan Strimling, will be analyzing salts in soils at Mt. Charleston as a result of salting the roads in icy conditions. 
The AEC seventh grade community visited the planetarium at the College of Southern Nevada, to experience life in space as they prepare to read Ender’s Game during the second quarter.   Students had the opportunity for a private showing of two films about life in space in the planetarium’s hemispheric, high-definition theater.
Pride in Community and Jewish Values
Students, parents, and faculty who are part of the mission to Budapest Hungary in November gathered this morning for an inspirational Zoom meeting with the founder and visionary of S.O.S International. Mr. Reinitz in which he shared what inspired him to connect Jewish youth and teachers from Budapest, Romania, and Poland with peers from Jewish schools in the US. We are looking forward to a meaningful visit in the Javne Lauder school in Budapest in November, and hosting the Hungarian students and teachers at AEC in February.
The holiday of Sukkot will start on Sunday evening. We have been enjoying shaking the Lulav, decorating the Sukkah, hosting Ushpizin (guests) in our Sukkah, and celebrating Shabbat in the Sukkah. 
Shabbat in Upper School was celebrated in the Sukkah with music, singing,  and learning about the symbolism of the 4 Species (Arba’at Haminim) for the holiday (or the ‘Lulav and Etrog set’). Next week we will have the opportunity to conduct classes in the Sukkah, and have a snack there too. 
Next Friday we will celebrate together the ending of reading the Torah and beginning of it from Beresheet (Genesis) with a lively hakafot service, in which our students will dance with the Torah to celebrate Simchat Torah.

Save The Date

10/14-15     Sukkot, No School
10/16          George Washington University College Visit at 8:45am, Lehigh University College Visit at 1:50pm
10/17          Miami University College Visit at 8:45am, Chapman UNiversity College Visit at 1:45 pm
10/18          Make up pictures
10/21-22     Sh’mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, No School
10/23          UNLV and UNLV Honors College Visit at 1:45 pm
10/24          American University College Visit at 1:45 pm
10/25          Nevada Day, No School
11/3-10       Student Trip to Budapest, Hungary
11/7            Hofstra University College Visit at 1:45 pm
11/11          Technion International College Visit at 10:00 am
11/16           High School Homecoming Dance, 8:00-11:00 pm
11/18-20     Slam Poetry workshop during Pride with NV Poet Laureate, Vogue Robinson
11/21           Poetry Slam during Pride
11/27           Early dismissal at 11:30 am
11/28, 29     Thanksgiving
12/23 - 1/5  Winter Break