This Week in Upper School 11/5-11/9, 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018

On October 27, the Jewish community was attacked by an anti-Semitic perpetrator, murdering 11 innocent lives, at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Multiple schools across the nation participated in wearing all blue to school, spreading awareness about antisemitism. We made this a Tikun Olam project, by asking all students who chose to wear blue free dress, donate a dollar. We raised a total of $450, that will be donated to the Tree of Life Synagogue.
If you would like to donate to this cause and are unsure where to send your donation, AEC Student Council would be happy to take care of it.  Please contact Bailey Kermani, Student Council President at

A group of AEC teachers are now visiting the Lauder Javne Iskola in Budapest, Hungary to launch the High School Morim Limmud program with SOS International. SOS International is an educational travel experience with the goal to bridge and establish a network between American Jews and European Jews through educational programming.

View the SOS International BLOG



MIDDLE SCHOOL SEMINAR: American Artist Wayne Thiebaud
This week, Middle School students learned about American Artist Wayne Thiebaud, best known for his nostalgic confection paintings. After learning about Thiebaud's subject matter and style, students were asked to draw a confection of their choice using his same likeness using oil pastels on black paper. Students then built a 3D version of their rendering.
The art assignment requires students to:
1. Choose a confection to draw: cupcake, cake, pie, ice cream, etc.
2. Use a pencil to plan out single drawing on paper. Use ellipses, triangles, and other shapes to create similar effect to Thiebaud. Plan additional decorations: icing, cherries, designs, etc to enhance sweet. 
3. Use oil pastels to draw and color in confection.
4. Recreate a mini 3D version of your creation.
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