This Week in Upper School 1/21-1/25, 2019

Friday, January 25, 2019
The Adelson Clinic provided a special presentation to our high school students.  Students were able to hear from a panel of three current Adelson Clinic clients who shared their personal stories of drug addiction and how they, with the help of the Adelson Clinic, are living clean and sober lives.  Our high school students asked insightful questions of the panel and gained valuable perspectives on drug and alcohol addiction. AEC faculty and high school students send a very special thank you to the panel participants for their bravery and courage to present such personal stories.
Buddy Book:  The Seniors and JK students got together on Thursday morning in the LS gym for a bonding event.  Each senior was paired with two to three Jk students. They interviewed each other asking questions like favorite color, favorite things to do, etc…  They then drew each other’s portraits. Each student got to keep their booklet about their buddy. Big kids and little kids had big smiles and gave hugs to their new friends.  The bonding activities will continue with a Field day just for JK put on by the Seniors in early April. View photos.
8th Grade Shadow Experience: This week in the Upper School, our 8th grade students shadowed our Freshman in their classes. Students chose the major course they were interested in and shadowed that class. In our Biomedical Sciences course, students learned about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, how people acquire each type and how patients are diagnosed and treated. Using laboratory techniques, students ‘tested’ three patients and determined which, if any had the disease.
Mock Trial Scrimmage and Mock Trial Competition:  The Two AEC Mock Trial teams scrimmaged at the Regional Justice center on Wednesday, January 23rd.  Team Sunday was on the Plaintiff side and Team Pride Period was the Defense. Judge Michael Villani of the Eighth Judicial District Court presided over the scrimmage.  The students are excited to compete on February 9th in the Regional Mock Trial Competition with other schools.
Middle School Seminar
Some of our Middle School students had the opportunity to engaged in a seminar about Jackson Pollock today. They discovered how this major figure in the abstract expressionist movement made waves with his dripping and splattering of paint on large, unprimed canvases. We discussed how he was originally inspired by sand paintings of American Indians and used webs of color to create balanced creations while physically moving around the canvas that was laid out on the floor. “Jack the Dripper” often numbered his paintings in lieu of giving more traditional names to his pieces.  Students explored color theory as they were only given the primary colors to drip and spread across paper using a straw. When red and yellow mixed they created orange, red and blue made violet, as well as blue and yellow making green. They had fun creating these abstract drip paintings.
Additional Seminar Photos: