This Week in Upper School 12/17-12/21, 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018
The 6th grade students engaged in “The Show Must Go Epsilon: Seven Plays in the Greek Style.” In small groups, the students selected myths from ancient cultures (their choices included Norse, Chinese, Irish, Babylonian, and Anglo-Saxon) and adapted them into  Greek-style plays. Groups wrote their own scripts following the format of the Ancient Greeks, created masks for each character, and made their own scenery. Their hard work paid off when they presented a very entertaining show! See photos
The Code Make Media class displayed their knowledge they have acquired over the semester to create board games in the Startup Incubator.  Students began by thinking up an original board game idea, they engineered the board using cardboard or wood using the laser cutter. They then created game pieces using Fusion 360 to be 3-D printed, and wrote a game manual with directions.  Following the completion of the game board, pieces and manual, students scripted and produced a commercial for their game using the digital media lab and the green screen. The project culminated with their peers learning and playing their board games together.
7th Grade Social Studies students created their own travel agency to research and market exciting vacations to lesser known destinations in Asia and the South Pacific.  The Sales Expo took place on Monday morning where parents and teachers were able to listen to each travel agent sale their trip to their country with well research information on flights, accommodations, culture and environmental attractions in their country.  There were so many great trips, how was one to decide?
The 9th Grade Humanities class did TED Talks based on the essential question: How can I create a successful TED Talk that makes connections between the three subjects of my Humanities class from first semester?  Students brainstormed topics, researched material, met with the Humanities Triumvirate individually for sources and guidance, wrote scripts, developed visual aides, incorporated textual evidence, practiced presentations with partners, edited, and finally presented their TED Talks to the class as the final exam. Feedback from students claimed that the project was innovative, creative, and allowed for a great deal of student voice and choice in their work. They loved the independence and working with the Humanities teachers one-on-one.
It the midst of exams, projects and presentations, our students were able to take a break each day and visit the library for a little pet stress relief. Our librarian, Ms Nails, arranges visits from therapy dog teams in our community in order for our students (and staff) to take a moment to recharge and refuel in between their midterm exams.
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our faculty, staff, and families for a successful first semester of learning and inquiry, and we wish each and every one of you a relaxing winter break.