This Week in Upper School 2/12-2/15, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018
Spirit Week - Middle school students celebrated school spirit by traveling through time, celebrating class unity through color, expressing themselves with crazy hair and hats, and enjoyed a school wide game of dodgeball.
The 8th grade Judaic honors class had a very special guest speaker this week, Kristina Coneh. The class has been learning about Justice vs Compassion and whether there is a balance between them. The 2 sides were Retributive (punitive) Justice and Rehabilitation Justice. Kristina, a very successful and accomplished defense attorney, explained the 2 sides in detail using real-life experiences. The students learned a unique perspective and were very engaged.
Two weeks to Purim! The whole school will be celebrating on Thursday, March 1, and the US will enjoy a reading by the 8th grade of an abridged Megillat Esther (Hebrew & English) at 12:15. Families are welcome to that event!
Almost every high school student attended Sadie's Dance last Saturday night! The students had a great time and the decorations were amazing.  Congratulations, Student Council on a job well done!

Several AP Language & Composition students shared their expertise in writer's workshop with Ms. Moyal's freshman class on Thursday.  They modeled a protocol to for giving feedback on writing and then participated in the response groups with the 9th graders to help them learn the protocol and learn how to give feedback.  All the students enjoyed the collaboration and learned in the process. 

Tal Derei, the senior who has spent a year making a documentary about the damaging effects of the de-icing chemicals on Mt. Charleston roads, was recognized over the weekend at the 14th Annual Dam Short Film Festival, winning the top prize: BEST NEVADA FILMMAKER! Congratulations to Tal and everyone who helped make Halt the Salt: Conserving Mt. Charleston’s Beauty an award winning success! Kudos to Leo Liu, Mr. Herringshaw, and Mr. Wilde, who participated in the project and supported Tal's efforts. Watch the 15 minute documentary below.  PLAY DOCUMENTARY