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This Week in Upper School 2/18-2/21, 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020
Pride in Community & Jewish Values
Eleven students and four partner teachers from the Javne Lauder School in Budapest, Hungary have been learning alongside our AEC students and teachers this week! The visit is thanks to our partners at SOS International. This has been such an exciting partnership, and AEC is excited to see the exchange program continue for years to come. The students arrived Sunday and have already visited the Grand Canyon, Red Rock, and the fabulous Las Vegas Strip! At school, the students have worked with our incredible teachers to create an art project designed in the Incubator. The students also took part in a guest speaker session with individuals from UNLV discussing the history of Jews in Nevada. They will participate in a Shabbaton tonight in Henderson and return to AEC tomorrow for the Sadie Hawkins dance! Despite their coming departure this Sunday, lasting friendships have been cultivated and shall continue to grow. The Adelson Educational Campus has been humbled to host our new Hungarian colleagues. 
Pride in Excellence
Seventh graders are preparing to learn about the systems of the body this school year in Life Science. In preparation for this unit, their bi-weekly “Science Friday” seminar engaged the students in explorations of the respiratory system. In small groups, students created abstract models of lungs, utilized lung models to study how the lungs work, learned about diseases of the lungs and their causes. Additionally, the learners took time to understand current events topics and their relevance to our lungs, such as the connection to the teenage vaping epidemic and the coronavirus. Students left this experience with a renewed appreciation and understanding for their respiratory systems!
Middle School ceramics began in January, and since this time, the students have been working on various hand-building techniques. Their latest project is a Greek-inspired coil vessel. After learning about Greek pottery, they designed their pieces and started rolling out coils! Students are nearing the finish line of developing and carving out their crafts. Students now must wait for their designs to dry out in order to load the works into our kiln for the first firing, the bisque firing. After this step, we'll glaze the pieces giving them color bringing to life the designs they created on the sides of their vessel. Everyone make sure to stay tuned!
A number of our 8th-grade students taking Health class had the unique opportunity to have the Adelson Clinic For Drug Abuse present information on drug abuse and addiction. The Clinic's Executive Director, a nurse, and a counselor presented to students on various topics in this realm. The students also heard the story of a client of the Adelson Clinic. Here at AEC we are so fortunate to be able to partner with experts in our community to provide such important education to our students.