This week in Upper School 2/25-3/1, 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019

We organized professional development day much like an educational conference where teachers have choice about how to focus their learning opportunities. Throughout the day, teachers were able to select sessions led by our own faculty on a variety of teaching strategies and methodologies. Brian Hemsworth led a session on formative assessment to enable teachers to plan instructional moves based on student feedback.  Michelle Rumschlag offered a session on successful classroom procedures to increase student achievement. The Humanities Team shared with teachers how a “TED Talk” final assessment led to deeper connections among content and strengthened critical thinking in 9th graders. Finally, Kathryn Shetty showed teachers how to create a Breakout Box to engage students in learning content and problem solving together. Each teacher shared their expertise and modeled best practice by putting teachers in the roles of students. Foreign language teachers were treated to a session on learning centers, and Hebrew and Judaics teachers worked together to strengthen Jewish connections in the school.  

Teachers who participated in the three-day PBL workshop in August, deepened their expertise by participating in small group meetings with Heather Wolpert Gawron, National Faculty Member with the Buck Institute of Education, to strengthen their ability to scaffold learning for students and provide frequent and ongoing assessment at each stage of a project.  They also had a dedicated hour of work time after the small group session to maximize knowledge gained in those sessions. Our partnership with the Buck Institute for Education, now PBL Works, allows teachers to receive continued support in developing Gold Standard Projects, in turn, to deepen student learning, engage students in authentic learning, and to increase student achievement.  

All in all, teachers engaged in meaningful life-long learning that truly embraced our motto: Education for Life.

Mensch of the Month Awards:
Lielle Boldur: She is the type of person that both student and teacher alike wish to be in their class. She is kind, attentive and thinks about a situation or person carefully instead of rushing to judgement. This makes for a conscientious student and a kindhearted classmate.
Eden Boldur: (pictured above) She brings in treats and goodies for her friends to make their day, and she always has a cheerful disposition.
Emily Rahim: A joy to have around, a kind girl, focused and pleasant. A friend to all in her own, quiet, smart way.
Max Berg: He is able to self -reflect and work with others to positively resolve differences.
A group of Middle School students just completed a 2-week ‘Stock Market Game’ as a part of their course in order to learn about percent change. On February 11, students were given a fictitious $10,000 and instructed to purchase up to 4 stocks — as many shares as they’d like. One student, Jacob Roiter, thinking beyond his years, immediately looked for stocks near their 52-week low and invested heavily. In 2 weeks his portfolio increased over 20%!
On Tuesday night our college counselor, Mr. Girard, presented a timeline of upcoming events and deadlines to parents of juniors. During the presentation, Mr. Girard discussed the college and scholarship search and application process, and he distributed a resume template as well as the 2019 – 2020 Common Application essay prompts. Students should  work on the resume and essay during the upcoming weeks in preparation for the application workshops on August 7th and 8th. Materials distributed to parents Tuesday evening were also provided to juniors Wednesday. If you are a parent of a junior,  please schedule an individual appointment as soon as possible to discuss your student’s or students’ goals and aspirations. Mr. Girard may be contacted at: