This Week in Upper School 2/3-2/7, 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020
Pride in Excellence
Our 6th and 7th grade Hebrew classes “visited” Israel as a culminating activity finishing their online program.  Students visited five different places and in each place the students learned what is special about that location. First, we visited Mt. Hermon and the students created snow globes. In Jerusalem, the students wrote notes to put on the Western Wall (HaKotel). The kibbutz was more challenging as the students had to "milk a cow.”  Before we got to visit Eilat, where we learned how to fish, we stopped in the Dessert (The Negev) and created sand art work. What a fun trip to Israel!
10th grade Tech & Entrepreneurship student, Harrison K., is developing an app for the benefit of colleges/universities and their students.  Mr. Mayron, his teacher, and Tejas, a mentor who is also an engineer, are helping Harrison with technology scaling, integration strategies, and preparation for conversations with IT and administration from schools. Just this week, Harrison conducted a phone calls with UNLV and High Point University in North Carolina.  Mr. Mayron observed, “I would like to point out that in the last decade of hiring salespeople – not one has ever gone through a unique pitch deck as smoothly as Harrison did on his first serious call with a University. All individuals on the phone were very impressed.”  Kol Hakavod, Harrison!
Pride in Community
The AEC community takes student safety very seriously, and as a way to increase parent, teacher and student safety while on the internet and social media, Detective Taylor from the Metro Police Internet Crimes Against Children task force presented information on specific ways students can use the internet and social media with a more thought conscious way minimizing their potential risk while online.  He also provided parents and teachers with insightful information about what a vast challenge internet safety is and the importance of partnering as parents, a school , and the broader community to help provide the most safe way for students to access technology and social media.
Rehearsals are well underway for the Upper School Musical Production of The Drowsy Chaperone. Cast members are working hard at polishing their singing, dancing, and acting skills, and are eager to put this energetic 1920s musical on the AEC stage on March 3-5th.”

Pride in Jewish Values
Students gathered as a community on Friday afternoon and sang Shabbat songs, lit Shabbat candles and chanted the blessing over the wine and the challah. Students and teachers alike have come to value this holy and peaceful moment of coming together as a community to celebrate Shabbat.  This Shabbat was in celebration of “Oneg Shabbat” which literally means “pleasure of Shabbat.”