This Week in Upper School 2/4-2/8, 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019
Principal’s List and Assistant Principals’ List
Students on the Principal’s List (received all A’s on the first semester report card) Assistant Principals’ List (received A’s and B’s on the first semester report card) were honored during Town Hall this week and presented a certificate.  To view all the Principal List Award winners, click here.
Middle School Seminars
Hungarian House Band, Hungary 101, Hungarian Short Film and Folk Dancing.  What a fantastic way for our middle school students to learn and celebrate Hungarian Jewish culture with our visiting teachers from the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School in Budapest, Hungary.  Thank you to the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School and SOS International for an enriching week. View photos
11th and 12th grade Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger
On Tuesday during Pride Period, Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, physician, author of A German Life, spoke to the juniors and seniors about his intriguing and complex journey from being the son of a Nazi soldier and to his conversion to Judaism, service in the IDF, and life in Israel.  After his presentation, several students stayed after to speak to him and remarked that he is one of the best speakers they have heard. Thank you, Noa Jensch for making this possible for us.  
Clean The World Service Event
On Friday, some of our 7th grade students, along with 7th grade students from the Alexander Dawson School participated in a tikun olam project for Clean the World organization to sort and box hygienic products for distribution. Clean the World is a unique organization that helps provide hygiene products and sustainable resources to vulnerable communities working to prevent millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses.  
Eye Dissection
This week our Biology and Anatomy & Physiology classes conducted an eye dissection with Dr. Adam Schwartz, an optometrist and lower school parent. Students learned about the parts of the eye and their function as well as the types of problems that can occur in the eye and how they are repaired.  Thank you Dr. Schwartz for sharing your knowledge with AEC students. They are still talking about eyes! View photos
Modern Israel Project
Juniors and Seniors just completed a project of learning about modern Israel through the subject of water.
Each one chose a subject that is close to their heart (from conservation, irrigation, innovation, politics, music, art, to sports, architecture marine life etc.)
One of the goals of the project was that they needed to create a product with a question that will elicit thoughts and be used by the Middle School students during Yom Ha’Atzmaut.