This Week in Upper School 3/11-3/15, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019
Pi Day- On Thursday, March 14th (3.14), AEC high school math students of Ms. Bachman, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Swiecionis, and Mr. Hemsworth created educational and engaging math games to celebrate the number pi with the lower and middle school students.  The festivities were held in the lower school gym with about 20 different stations. Lower and middle school students participated in games like Pi Twister, Ordering Digits of Pi, Mathcraft, and Pie the Mannequin to name a few. The students continued the celebrations during lunch with Pizza pie and Apple pie.
PBL (Project Based Learning) Presentation:  This past weekend, Ms. Toomey presented at the Texas Instruments International conference in Baltimore on using the TI-Nspire graphing calculator to enhance project-based learning in the classroom. She focused on how students use linear programming concepts to optimize a real-life problem.  Ms. Toomey worked on this project with AEC middle school math teacher, Mr. Hennemann.
On Friday morning, AEC middle school improv students hosted middle school students from New Horizons Center for Learning for a joint improv workshop taught by Ms. Nails.  Our improv students meet as a weekly club to hone their improv skills and were excited to host other students in the community and share their talents.
In US History Honors, students stepped into the role of teacher and created and taught lessons that delved deeply into Progressive Era subjects.  Students used previous knowledge as well as efficient research that incorporated the essential components of a professional lesson. The finished products highlighted how actions of 100 years ago still have direct consequences today.
Project Beyond- Middle school students from the Project Beyond class competed last weekend in the Destination Imagination competition in Laguna Beach, California. The students have been working for six months on a competition challenge called “Game On”. The students created their own script, made their own costumes and built a background based on the challenge requirements. The students won second place in their category and age group. They were also the highest scoring middle school team on the instant challenge component of the competition.