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This Week in Upper School 3/2-3/6, 2020

Friday, March 6, 2020
Pride in Excellence
Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Drowsy Chaperone!  Students, families, and community members laughed at the humor and cheered them on through three successful performances this week.  Each of the students involved demonstrated true theatrical professionalism, and we can’t wait until the next show! View Photos
7th grader Genevieve B. has passed the qualifying test and will represent our school at the Nevada State Geography Bee on March 27th! She will be competing against dozens of others for several prizes, including scholarships and the grand prize, which includes a trip to Washington D.C. to compete at the national level of the competition. We are all very proud of Genevieve! If you see her, wish her well!
On Thursday, Financial Math students took part in a TurboTax simulation to get a feel for what it's like to file a tax return. They used sample W2s of working teenagers or young adults to see how the TurboTax software aids in filing the return. They also learned what deductions they may qualify for and how to minimize a tax bill. Students were also intrigued to learn the convoluted history of TurboTax and how to be careful to avoid paying unnecessary fees.  
The middle school ceramics class completed their Greek inspired vessels. Students incorporated various techniques. They created coils to build pots and beautiful handles, they used the Mishima technique, sgraffito technique, and they all turned out beautifully. The Mishima technique is where you carve a design into leather hard clay, and then you put glaze into the grooves wiping the access off so you have clean black lines. Sgraffito is kind of the opposite where you glaze it first, then you carve into the glaze and it reveals the bisqueware underneath. Excellent work middle school artists!
This week, in honor of Nevada Reading Week’s theme of Saddle Up and Read, our Librarian, Ms. Nails invited 2019 alumni Kennedi Templeton to share personal stories about her experiences as an equestrian athlete. 6th-12th graders enjoyed hearing from this accomplished  Junior Olympic athlete. She spoke about how riding horses has always been woven into the fabric of her family, how her mother and grandmother have always ridden as well. She also touched on balancing school work, social life, and family time with her sport. Perhaps the most memorable moments came when she shared her memories of missing dances and field trips because of her riding schedule, and her feelings regarding how true skill and mastery can only be attained through commitment and tenacity. We were thrilled to welcome back this Adelson graduate and future USC student.
AEC is proud to sponsor the upcoming American Lung Association workshop "E-Cigarette/Vape Education: What Parents Need to Know." Educators from the Association will present this workshop to parents, guardians, and teachers with the most up to date research, knowledge, and tools to help adults speak with children about this critical topic. A student version of this workshop will be presented to 8-12th graders that afternoon. Please join us on March 18th at 6:00 pm in the Beit Midrash to continue in our partnership of keeping our students safe. 
High School, led by the National Honor Society and Student Council, volunteered for the "Backpack for Kids Program" at Three Square Food Bank on Tuesday. Students packed 4,085 bags of food for underprivileged children across the Las Vegas valley. Great work!
Pride in Jewish Values
The Shabbat before Purim is called "Shabbat Zachor." Zachor in Hebrew means – Remember, which begs the question: What is it that we need to remember? Let us consider the Israelites, who came out of Egypt. On their journey to the Holy Land, the Israelites were brutally attacked by a nation called "Amalek." We are commanded as a people to remember this moment in our history, as the Amalek are enemies of God. The Jewish people, through their acceptance of the Torah, testify to God in their private and public life, thus becoming a target of those who deny God's majesty. 
During our Kabbalat Shabbat, we had a well-known community guest speaker: Rabbi Chaim Ozer Metal. The Rabbi provided an in-depth discussion to our students about Shabbat Zachor before Purim, as it is believed that Haman is a descendant of the Amalek. It was an insightful and timely learning experience for all in attendance. 
President Trump will be addressing a pro-Israel rally on Saturday, March 14, from 7:30am-11:30am at the Venetian. Political leaders from the US and Israel will be discussing the challenges facing the Jewish community and the need to combat the rise of anti-Semitism. The RJC reached out to inform our community that we would be able to access tickets. AEC families, faculty, and high school students are invited to attend. The Adelson Educational Campus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This event is not a school sponsored program; the School does not take any political position as an educational institution.  RSVP IS REQUIRED. To register for this event, click here. Use code: HARDING
Save the Date:
3/10    Purim *We encourage all students to dress up in their favorite costume!  All students need to wear socks to school on Purim
3/12    MS Masquerade Ball, 6-8:30pm
3/16    6th Grade Standardized Testing
3/17    6th Grade Standardized Testing
3/18    6th Grade Standardized Testing
3/18.    Pride Period Assembly: Grades 8-12: American Lung Association American Lung Association Parent Workshop: E Cigarette/Vape Education: What Parents Need to Know
3/19    6th Grade ERB's
3/22    Junior-Senior Prom
3/23    7th/8th Grade Standardized Testing
3/24    7th/8th Grade Standardized Testing
3/25    7th/8th Grade Standardized Testing
3/25.    Brett Fonfa Writing Award Presentation, 12:40pm-1:10pm
3/26    Rosh Chodesh Nissan, donuts & dress down $1
3/26.    7th/8th Grade Standardized Testing
3/27    US Challah Baking during break
4/6-19    NO SCHOOL, Spring Break
4/20    Return to School