This week in Upper School 3/4-3/8, 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019

Today, Miriam Peretz inspired AEC High School students with her story of darkness and light. Miriam lost two sons while they were serving in the IDF, fighting terrorists. She left her life-long job as a school educator and set out to teach IDF soldiers, bereaved families, parents of incoming IDF soldiers, and Jews around the world about the importance of the mission her sons gave their lives to defend. “My children fell so other children can live in peace, so we Jews can give a huge light to the world,” Peretz shared last night at the AEC gala.  “They viewed military service as a mitzvah and a privilege, not an obligation. From the complete and pure faith in three principles that were their guiding light: the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel, and the land of Israel, their faith in our right to live a life of freedom in our land.”
This week was Nevada Reading Week  This year’s Reading Week theme was:  Find your Superpower: Read! On Monday, “Jewish Superheroes” day, we welcomed three panelists, a cantor, a poet, and a rabbi, who engaged our Middle and Upper School students and spoke about the ways in which their Jewish upbringing and ideals have influenced their careers and life choices. Guest author and Executive Director of the organization Poetry Promise, which brings workshops and poetry into schools, Poet Laureate Vogue Robinson, performed her original poems to the Middle and Upper School students who were captivated by her written word as well as her lively readings.  Throughout the week, our upper school students have also been able to read to our lower school students which is an activity enjoyed by our youngest and oldest students alike. We send our heartfelt thanks to our Librarian, Ms. Nails for creating such wonderful opportunities for our students during reading week. It has truly been an exhilarating week, and we have all emerged as Reading Superheroes.
The Shinshiniot, Lilach and Noam, presented lessons and activities connected to Purim to students in grades 6 and 8 this week.  The sixth graders identified jokes that they could act out in creative, and zany ways on film. They became instant movie makers to interpret their jokes into short films that will be shared with the middle school students on Purim.  The eighth graders participated in a “Shark Tank” style competition where they had to develop an original concept for a Purim activity they came up with a campus wide hide-and-seek game, an instant costume contest, and a fast-paced topsy-turvy reading competition.  Mr. Koch will be working with the winning group to bring their concept to a reality during the Purim celebration on Thursday, March 31. Stay tuned!
During a middle school seminar, students spent the morning learning about the process Michelangelo went through to paint the Sistine Chapel. There were many physical constraints Michelangelo had to overcome and time constraints placed on him by Pope Julius II. Michelangelo was able to complete the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in only four years! AEC students painted various details from works of art that emerged during the Italian Renaissance. It only took them and hour and twenty-five minutes! Middle school students worked diligently together in teams and learned that painting a ceiling is not easy work!