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This Week in Upper School 3/9-3/13, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020
Pride in Excellence:
Middle School students broke out their artistic side this week while learning about the hidden themes of Purim and mistaken identity. They made masks to wear to their Masquerade Ball spring dance, which gave them a chance to be creative while exploring the Purim holiday. 
High School Freshman, Elize I., developed a series of instant challenges for sixth-grade students designed to build and grow their success skills in teamwork. Elize led a group of sixth-grade Earth Science students through the challenges, facilitating reflection discussions to help participants articulate how the combination of listening and compromise help develop strong partnerships and teamwork. Elize was eager to share how her experiences in team building during middle school attributed to her successes to date in project-based learning.
Pride in Community:
During our Purim festivities this week, the 9th-grade class participated in a community service project benefiting "Straight From the Street." The group compiled 90 kits, all of which are soon to be donated to the homeless in our community. The supply kits are packed with socks, soap, wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, as well as chapstick. This was only possible due to the generosity of our AEC community that donated items over the past several weeks.
The Middle School Student Council hosted a Masquerade Ball to celebrate Spring. Middle School students enjoyed wearing their Purim masks, dressing up, dancing, and dessert with their friends and classmates. Special thanks to all the teachers who helped make it possible and to council members Michael H., Britohn B., Ash A., Asher L., Emily R., Kristal M., Elliott H., Sari F., and Sophia W. Kol.
What a great turn out of alumni at the annual Gala!  There were many former students representing their grades, catching up, and supporting their alma mater.  We look forward to more contact with our amazing alumni in the future.  
Pride in Jewish Values:
Upper School students celebrated a joyous Purim Tuesday! It was exciting to see students and faculty alike dressed up in their creative costumes. Many activities were available to Upper School students, such as the traditional Megillah Reading, a fun carnival with bounce houses, face painting, and a selfie station. While the 9th-graders participated in their "Straight from the Streets" community service project, the 10th-12th graders volunteered at the carnival, along with Preschool and Lower School students. What a phenomenal way for our AEC community to come together to celebrate Purim!