This Week in Upper School 4/3/2020

Friday, April 3, 2020
Pride in Excellence
We were very excited to announce the winners for the 1st Annual AEC Brett Fonfa Writing Awards at a virtual ceremony on Tuesday.  We honored the Fonfa family, including Haley, class of 2015. Haley also shared information about her brother, Brett, a talented writer whose name these awards are given in recognition.  It was a special and touching ceremony to honor him and his love of the written word in this way.  
Nine Middle School students submitted pieces to the contest
  • Third place winner receiving $125 goes to 7th grader, Jeri Weiss for her fiction. 
  • Second place winner receiving $225 goes to 8th grader, Chris Chakryan for his poem.
  • First place winner receiving $350 goes to 7th grader, Genevieve Bohus for her poem.
Seventeen High School students submitted pieces to the contest
  • Third place receiving $300 goes to senior Kalman Steinberg for his fiction piece. 
  • Second place receiving $500 goes to senior Yaara Aybar for her nonfiction piece. 
  • First place receiving $1000 goes to sophomore Liahm Blank for his poem. 
In High School French class this week, students participated in a Digital Escape Room activity. The students did a superb job researching French holidays, all while using French. The group was able to crack the codes, open the locks, and ESCAPE for Spring Break! The students also had to complete a French Chasse au Trésor (a scavenger hunt) before the session was out. 
This week, 7th graders used Zoom to give virtual presentations of their research into Genocides of the 20th Century. The students actively practiced public speaking skills along with each other as they immersed themselves in serious and somber topics. This research project is a joint effort in their English and Global Studies classes.
This week in Morah Fuss’s Hebrew class, students worked on creating a video to bring joy to life in quarantine. The song “Love to Be at Home” celebrates what it sounds like - staying at home. After translating and discussing the song, the students filmed video clips acting out the scenes. It was a fun process and hopefully will bring some well-intended joy. Watch: Love to Be at Home
A Message from Mr. Girard:
As we continue to celebrate the Class of 2020 upon their tremendous success in the college application and scholarship process, another component of their story has been the many offers to participate in selective honor and/or scholar programs. Over a third of this year’s graduating class members have received offers from programs such as the University Honors Program at Miami University, the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University, the Eckhart Scholars program at Lehigh University, and the Honors College at UNLV. These selective programs differ between universities, but common privileges include preferential scheduling and smaller classes, internship and research opportunities not afforded to other undergraduates, more frequent and specialized advising, and individual assistance when the time comes to apply to graduate school or search for employment. Several of these programs also offer special housing in living and learning communities! Just one more reason the Adelson community can be proud of the Class of 2020!
College Counseling tips for the week: 
Class of 2020 – Please check your college email and portals carefully as some have extended deposit deadlines. Continue to let Mr. Girard know as you hear back from your colleges. Take advantage of the many online campus tours available on college websites, YouTube, and/or TikTok. Also, I encourage you to listen to the following from NPR: “How to Pick a College During Coronavirus.” My thanks to Mr. Hemsworth for sharing this! 
Class of 2021 – Work on your resumes and the Common Application Personal Statement. Mr. Girard is available for proof-reading and editing. Please contact Mr. Girard via Edsby to schedule advising meetings. Also, one consequence of our new reality is that many colleges and universities are going test-optional for the 2020 – 2021 application cycle. Speak with Mr. Girard to learn whether this might be a good option for you. You should also take advantage of the online campus tours available currently, as mentioned above.
Class of 2022 and 2023 – Continue working on your resumes and focus upon completing the school year on as positive a note as possible! If you are feeling ambitious and have a free moment, begin exploring colleges by taking an aforementioned virtual tour.
This week in Ms. Garrett’s 7th grade Life Science we had a visitor from the Henderson Fire Department. Engineer Sean Fox joined our ZOOM meeting on Wednesday to discuss this work as a fireman. We are learning about the human body in life science and Mr. Fox talked about how 90% of the calls they get are medical calls. He has had to learn much about the human body and specifically how to stabilize the human body for transport to the hospital.
This week in Humans & the Environment we had a unique look at live snakes and their adaptations. Mr. Garrett (Ms. Garrett’s husband) is a wildlife biologist and ex-zookeeper. He showed the class several snakes and discussed their species, adaptations and the use of genetics to breed the characteristics desired.
Pride in Community
On Thursday, during our high school virtual Town Hall, we recognized our students with March and April birthdays.  It was great to hear all the students and teachers singing by Zoom to these students. PTO members then surprised these students by delivering special treats with birthday balloons attached to their doors!  
With our remote learning in full swing, many special guests have been visiting our remote classes.  Please click here to see our middle school guests and click here to see our high school guests.
Spring Break Activities. Two weeks staying at home with nothing to do? Not exactly the spring break we all planned and hoped for. Our school librarian, Ms. Nails, has organized a helpful page of books, ebooks, activities, and more called the Spring Break Home Survival Packet. Enjoy! 
Need more? AEC counselors and faculty have compiled a number of activities for parents and children to do together:


Pride in Jewish Values
Our third Kabbalat Shabbat in quarantine helps us to remember, while not pretending there is no pain in the world, that there is still great beauty in our life. The students discovered this beauty when three families opened their homes and showed how they celebrate Passover.  Visiting the first house, the family and the students sang “Avadim Hayinu” - We were slaves to Pharaoh. Listening to the story of the family at the second house, the school band happily sang “Ma Nishtanah?” - Why is tonight different from other nights? Indeed it is so different. Our zoom tour finished at the third family, where students heard how Passover is celebrated in Israel. The group concluded this wonderful gathering by singing “Dayenu” - It would have been enough.
Happy Passover and Chag Sameach
Save the Date 
SUN is not cancelled
SPRING is not cancelled
RELATIONSHIPS are not cancelled
LOVE is not cancelled
READING is not cancelled
DEVOTION is not cancelled
MUSIC is not cancelled
IMAGINATION is not cancelled
KINDNESS is not cancelled
CONVERSATIONS are  not cancelled
HOPE is not cancelled