This Week in Upper School 5/15/2020

Friday, May 15, 2020
Pride in Excellence and Community:
Arts Celebration- This week we celebrated the Arts at Adelson with a virtual concert full of live performances, visual art, photography and video projects.  We also had a special thank you to the seniors for their huge influence on the success of the Arts thriving here on campus.  The content was beautiful and showed a diverse set of talents with student photography accompanied with music from the Digital music class, and live performances accompanying the Visual Art segment, cooking segments, documentaries, and the Jazz band got to share their music by recording individually and then assembling their recordings into videos so you could still have that ensemble sound! The tribute to the seniors also brought out a lot of smiles and of course some tears were shed.  It has been a wild year, and what better way to celebrate and come together in these trying times then sharing Art.  Art inspires, motivates, and it also heals. The Arts remind us of what is important, and we are very lucky to have such talented students and teachers to help keep the Arts thriving and growing here at Adelson. Opening Music: Rone | Opening Muisc: Blank Family | AEC Jazz Band Performs:  Crisis Song - Arabia Song  | Visual Arts |  Photography/Video | Class of 2020 Video | Yaara & Emily Duet
This week in 7th grade Life Science, Donovan Guzman of the Get Outdoors Nevada foundation came to talk to our classes about desert tortoises and the Mojave Max program. We learned about their special adaptations for living in the desert, where they go when it gets too hot or too cold and how we can best protect them.
Students - please back up all of the files on your computer to your Google Drive prior to returning it to school.  When you return your computer to the school it will be reformatted and all data will be completely erased.
Upcoming Events:
Monday, 5/18 - Thursday, 5/22 - Modified Schedule for Exams
Thursday, 5/21 - Material Return 
Friday, 5/22 - Material Return Make-Up