This Week in Upper School 5/8/2020

Friday, May 8, 2020
Pride in Community
On Monday, a steady stream of cheering students, families, and friends paraded through the gates of AEC to celebrate the Class of 2020 with our Lions’ Pride Car Parade!  We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of congratulations and well wishes to the class by our AEC community! With a DJ on hand and bubbles filling the air, 200+ cars with balloons poured through the gates to celebrate the Seniors. Each senior received a goodie bag filled with treats, a Class of 2020/AEC mask, their cap and gown, a box of donuts, and a beautifully made sign with their college choice proudly highlighted! And if that weren’t great enough, each person who came was treated to a popsicle!  It was a happy day and one that showcased our PRIDE IN COMMUNITY!  GO, LIONS! View Photos
Pride in Jewish Values
We dedicate this Kabbalat Shabbat to “Mothers Day”. Watch the Kabbalat Shabbat Video
Here is what our 9th-grade student, Aviel Parente, said on his “D’var Torah”:  “Now, my question is, ‘Is Mothers’ Day a Jewish concept? Can it be found somewhere, hinted to anywhere in one of our numerous texts?’ The answer is that the concept of the day can be derived from this week’s portion, Emor. Priests and the High Priest are instructed to act with Kedusha, holiness, and Kavod, honor. Because we have no Temple, we are instructed to make for ourselves a Mikdash Me’at, a small sanctuary, with us as the priests. Our mothers all work hard to uphold our lives and teach us how to act with dignity, honor, holiness, both in public and private. Our mothers really do, do it all” Happy Mothers Day and Shabbat Shalom!
Pride in Excellence
The High School Awards Ceremony took place on Tuesday at 5:00 pm, and over 100 families watched the celebration. Six new members were inducted into the National Honor Society, five into the National Honor Society, and ten into Adelson Ambassadors.  Additionally, departmental awards, The President’s Awards, Athletes of the Year, Salutatorian and Valedictorian, as well as the character awards were announced!  These awards recognize our pride in excellence and pride in Jewish values.  We come together as a community to honor our mission and our values in action! Kol HaKavod to all who were recognized and to those who celebrate their achievements with them!  
High School Awards
AP Computer Principles - Daisy Shuper
AP Java - Theo Cooper
Digital Media - Gabriel Hafter
English Know Thy Self - Liahm Blank
Excellence in English - Emily Miller
French - Tabatha Subaly
Hebrew - Excellence Liahm Blank
Judaics - Sarah Blank
Mandarin - Kira Weant
Mathematics - Matahn Blank
Performing Arts Department Award, Technical - Jolie Goldberg
Performing Arts Department Award, Performance - Monica Zhong
Performing Arts Department Award, Music - Alex Davidson
Science, AP Scholar - Micah deLeon
Science, young scientist - Ryan Strimling
Social Studies Excellence - Emily Miller
Social Studies Achievement - Elizabeth Guiterrez
Recognition in Legal Studies - Michael Cohen
Spanish - Tal Hirsh
Tech & Entrepreneur - Harrison Kay
Visual Arts - Jolie Goldberg
Chesed - Tal Hirsh
Citizenship - Liahm Blank
Leadership - Zach Murray
Love for Israel - Lielle B.
Keter Torah - Aviel Parente
Crown of a Good Name - Sarah Blank
Promising Young Scholar - Ari deLeon
Presidential, Excellence - Vanessa Voltz
Presidential, Achievement - Gabriel Hafter
Student Athlete of the Year Tal Hirsh/Elizabeth Gutierrez
Valedictorian/Salutatorian Emily Miller/Yaara Aybar
Middle School Awards
During the Middle School Awards on Thursday, Middle School Faculty presented 20 awards to students in Excellence and Achievement for their accomplishments this school year.  The awards were named in recognition of the excellence, character, and virtue of Israeli men and women who embodied aspects of character we most value and treasure in our own students. Kol HaKavod to the awardees!
Menashe Kadishman Award for Visual Art - Emily Rahim
Hanna Rovina Award for Performing Arts, Drama - Asher Leventhal
Arik Einstein Award for Performing Arts, Music - Britohn Blank
Amoz Oz Award for Excellence in English - Ash Abrahamson
Amoz Oz Award for Achievement in English - Joel deLeon 
Anita Shapira Award for Excellence in Social Studies - Genevieve Bohus
Anita Shapira Award for Achievement in Social Studies - Ethan Saunders
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Excellence in Hebrew - Ash Abrahamson
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Award for Achievement in Hebrew - Elliott Harouni
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Excellence in Science - Genevieve Bohus
Aaron Ciechanover Award for Achievement in Science - Asher Leventhal
Wolf Award for Excellence in Mathematics - Ash Abrahamson
Wolf Award for Achievement in Mathematics - Cru Wilson
Shamma Friedman Award for Excellence in Judaics - Sophia Waisberg
Shamma Friedman Award for Achievement in Judaics - Michael Harouni
Dr. Amit Goffer Award for Technology - Jacob Roiter
Tal Brody Award for Excellence in Physical Education - Genevieve Bohus
Tal Brody Award for Achievement in Physical Education - Michael Harouni
President's Excellence - Ash Abrahamson
President's Achievement - Michael Harouni