This Week in Upper School 8/13-8/17, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018
Senior Tie Ceremony
Our Upper School students are off to a wonderful start of the new school year!  Monday, August 13th was not school as usual. Students were welcomed by the Student Council and engaged in a number of activities the first two mornings.  Student activities included cooperative games with our high schoolers focusing on the theatrical arts and our middle school students focused on growth mindset and identifying strengths in themselves as well as their peers.  
Students were excited to learn about the Upper School’s initiative of Moonshot thinking.  Mr. Koch and Ms. Joyner engaged students in "moonshot thinking" to share how teachers, during in-service, discussed ways they can create moonshot opportunities for students in their majors.  Then the students participated in their own discussions to spark curiosity and wonder for their own moonshots. The experience culminated in each student receiving an Adelson Moonshot t-shirt. Teachers will work with students and discuss their ideas and interests throughout the year.
Middle School students during Pride Period
Our 6th grade students were welcomed to middle school by working to “break the code” of important skills they will develop to help them be as successful as they can be in middle school.  Skills included organization, communication, study skills, cooperation, and managing time and stress.
The Middle School launched "Friday Seminars" which are weekly opportunities for students to dive deep into specific academic and creative interests that connect them with their passions.  The topics and speakers will change each week. Some of the offerings from the first week were: Printmaking, Honors Seminar, Everyone Can Create: Movies, and Project Beyond.
Students will be able to use Pride Period this year in many different ways: to eat, to meet with teachers,  attend club meetings, and/or to participate in different activities of their choosing. This week students have used the library, the gym, participated in drama and band sessions, as well as dance and math games.  We look forward to implementing our student’s voices as to which offering most appeal to them as we move forward with Pride Period.
On Thursday a new tradition occurred during Town Hall. AEC alumni returned to host the Senior Tie Ceremony. Each AEC senior received their school tie to be worn during Shabbat throughout the school year. Wear it with pride Class of 2019!

Upcoming programs and events:

Friday, August 24: PICTURE DAY for grades 6 - 8, and 11-12.  
Forms for ordering photos can be picked up in the Upper School Office.
Tuesday, August 28th 5:30pm - 6-12 Back to School Night
Friday, September 7th - K- 5 Challah baking for Rosh Hashanah