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This Week in Upper School 8/21/2020

Friday, August 21, 2020


Celebrate Diverse Scientists
Scientists, like our students, are a diverse and interesting bunch. Learning about their many professional fields and career paths opens windows of opportunity through which students can see themselves as scientists. That’s why two colleagues from Harvard’s Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences started the I am a Scientist initiative, “to help students connect with scientists of diverse backgrounds and, ultimately, break down barriers that keep some students from considering STEM careers.” This week, Sarah Flood, our AEC science teaching assistant, worked with US science classes to introduce students to diverse STEM experts from I am a Scientist, in fields from computational biology to information engineering to materials science. Students drew archetypal scientists (often portrayed as wild-haired, seasoned, gentlemen) then shifted their perspectives after reading brief biographies about young, dynamic working STEM researchers and practitioners across the globe. AEC students, including those in Paula Garrett’s Honors Biology course (shown here) then took turns “introducing” these scientists to each other and to their remote learning peers. The experience was a great stage-setter for all students as they begin their school year in the sciences!
Wear Your Uniform… with Pride
School uniforms are an important part of life at Adelson. They signify that students are “dressed for work,” and in many ways, they simplify the daily process by removing wardrobe decision-making from the morning routine. Our uniforms signal pride in being an Adelson student and in representing our school on and off campus. Uniforms are worn daily in both brick and bandwidth settings. Most days, students wear a standard uniform consisting of an AEC polo shirt and khaki bottoms. Each week, we mark special days with spirit wear (Wednesdays) and Kabbalat Shabbat dress uniforms (Fridays). Be sure to review the approved options in the AEC Family Handbook on page 6. We are still offering a grace period on wearing uniforms as some students have just moved to Las Vegas and others have ordered uniforms that have not yet been fulfilled through Campus Club. At a minimum, students should be dressed in some sort of AEC top and appropriate bottoms which are "close to" the requirements. Wearing proper uniforms will be expected each day beginning August 31. Wear your uniform, and show your pride!
Rosh Chodesh is Monday
Rosh Chodesh is the Jewish celebration of the new month, observed on the first day of each lunar month. Rosh Chodesh Elul / ראש חודש אלול celebrates the beginning of the month of Elul -- the sixth month of the Hebrew year, corresponding to August or September on the Gregorian calendar. In Jewish tradition, Elul is meant as a time for repentance, preparing for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. At Adelson, we will observe Rosh Chodesh Elul on Monday, August 24 -- students and faculty are invited to enjoy a free dress day! Please follow the free dress guidelines by wearing school-appropriate attire, whether you’re a schooler or a Zoomer.