This Week in Upper School 8/26-8/30 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019
Upper School Back to School Night
Pride in Community
We would like to thank the many parents who joined us for Back to School Night. It was wonderful to see so many parents connecting with teachers and other parents in our community. If you were not able to attend Back to School Night and are interested in meeting your child’s teachers, or if you would like additional time with your child’s teachers, please contact them directly to schedule an appointment.
Middle School Spanish club students were pleasantly surprised to be visited by our new sophomore student Nicolás R., who is a fluent Spanish speaker from Columbia. The students in the club experienced first hand how the conversational Spanish dynamic works, and they had fun asking Nicolás questions about his background.
Don’t let the sleepy-looking students fool you! Every 9th grade Life Skills class begins with a mindfulness practice. This week students learned about Smiling Mind (a free mindfulness app and website) and engaged in a mindfulness study practice.
Tenth-grade students in Life Skills welcomed a guest speaker from Ignite Treatment. The guest speaker spoke with students about stress, coping strategies, and the resources and support systems students have around them that can help them through the challenges they face as teens.
Pride in Excellence
This week the 9th-grade students wrote original creation myths. To help them improve their writing, 12th-grade students volunteered to assist them in learning the Writer Response Group protocol and joined them in the class activity. Their help was invaluable as the Seniors are so well-versed in this type of writing assistance. 
Biomedical Sciences students had a busy week.  On Monday, they came to class and found a “dead body” (portrayed by Ms. Moyal). The students had to investigate the ‘crime’, find evidence and take measurements in order to solve the crime.  In class on Wednesday, EMT and AEC alumna, Ariel Wexler came to talk to the class about her career and training as an emergency medical technician. Ariel discussed how volunteering with an ambulance service in Israel led to her finding her passion to help others in emergency management.
So how do our AP Psychology students learn about the large number of influential contributors to the field of psychology?  They learn speed dating style. Each student was responsible for learning about influential contributors and they took turns in fast rounds interviewing one another about the different contributions made in order to develop the field of psychological studies.  
Pride in Jewish Values
The Upper School is excited to join the LS in the festive tradition of Challah baking on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the new Jewish month.  We thank the PTO for their help in packing and delivering the challot to our students.
We have a double celebration today as we celebrate Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Elul. As a community, we came together to celebrate Shabbat, sing songs, do the Shabbat blessings over the candles, wine, and Challah bread. This Shabbat is Rosh Chodesh Elul. Elul is the last month of the Jewish year where we search inside our hearts to take a spiritual accounting of the year.  We will focus on things we need to change in ourselves before the New Year rushes in. Students wore stickers saying “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me” in Hebrew “ani l’dodi v’dodi li” the acronym of the sentence in Hebrew creates the name of E.L.U.L month. Brithon B. in middle school and Aviel P.  in high school enriched our knowledge of the Torah Portion “R’ee” with their personal insights.
In the Upper School, there is a bulletin board welcoming new students and teachers into the AEC community. Middle School student Ethan S. tied this picture he took of the bulletin board to the quote, “All of Israel is bound up together” - Babylonian Talmud, Shevuot 39a. Ethan used this quote because “all of Adelson and our community care so much about each other and are all connected as one. It is almost as if we are all one big family. I chose this picture and quote because they capture what Adelson is all about. The community.”
Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

Save the Date

9/2 -   Labor Day, No School
9/13 - Picture Day
9/15 - Splash and Dash
9/18-20th - High School College and Majors in Action California Trip
9/ 18-20th - 7th/8th Grade Zion Trip
9/22 - AEC Family Day
9/30 - Rosh Hashanah, No School 
10/1 -  Rosh Hashanah, No School
10/8-9 - Yom Kippur, No School
10/14-15 - Sukkot, No School
10/21-22 - Sh’mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, No School
10/25 -  Nevada Day, No School
11/3-10 - Student Trip to Budapest, Hungary
11/16 - High School Homecoming Dance, 8:00-11:00 pm
11/27 - Early dismissal, 11:30 am
11/28-29 - No School