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This Week in Upper School 9/11/2020

Friday, September 11, 2020
Student Council Election Results
The Adelson Student Council (StuCo) is a student leadership organization that is central to our school community. Guided by faculty advisor, Abby Moyal, StuCo just conducted its first major event of the school year: it ran digital elections! Ms. Moyal shares, “Student Council is responsible for planning events to promote school spirit and unity among peers. In this unique and challenging year, this team is excited to think creatively for the benefit of the campus, while themselves gaining valuable leadership and communication skills. After a round of rousing speeches and Google Form ballots, the 2020-21 officers were voted into office.” StuCo officers lead the student body in planning and executing activities throughout the year, and consist of:
Student Body President -Vanessa Voltz        
Student Body Vice President - Kira Weant        
Student Body Treasurer - Jonah Tecktiel        
Student Body Historian - Darby Kankoski    
Student Body Secretary - Nicole MIller
Senior Representative - Itai Blank            
Junior Representative  - Isabella Saunders        
Sophomore Representative - Jack Kim            
Freshmen Representative  - Opal Latpate        
Spirit Chairs  - Coby Poura and Judah Hafter
Congratulations to these hard-working student leaders! We are looking forward to the activity they plan for the coming year.
Shinshinim Lauren Eisenberg

The Shinshinim program brings recent high school graduates from their homes in Israel to Las Vegas and cities around the world to share their love of Judaism and their lived experiences in the homeland. And although they haven’t left Israel and stepped foot yet in Las Vegas, our Shinshinim, Raz and Shai, are making quite an impact! Every Thursday, the Shinshinim engage in community-building activities with our middle schoolers during their home room period. Using Flipgrid, Raz and Shai have introduced themselves to the students, spoken about their hobbies, and shown them their hometowns -- and soon, they will be sharing with students their favorite foods and their family traditions at Rosh HaShanah. Our sixth through eighth graders have responded with adorable videos of their own, which Shai and Raz view, as well as and give shout outs to their favorite uploads. Students are excited to be meeting the Shinshinim (virtually, for now) and Raz and Shai feel like they are getting to know the students, even though they are still in Israel. Ask your child to show you the heartwarming collection of videos at Last week, 57 students responded so we are seeing a high engagement rate -- it’s a wonderful example of creating community through technology!


Pre-Calculus Ling-Chih Bachman

PreCalculus is a fascinating, challenging math course that puts together the building blocks of Algebra I, Geometry,  Algebra II, and Trigonometry in preparation for the study of Calculus. As part of our Honors and Advanced Placement-level math course sequence, PreCalculus represents the first step in our triad of high-level courses which also includes AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics. This week, students in PreCalculus engaged in a hands-on investigation to determine the relationship between the dimensions of a 2D net (a template) and the volume of the resulting, folded rectangular prism. Students cut out squares of different size lengths from the four corners of an 8.5-by 11-inch sheet of paper. They then folded up the flaps and measured the volume of the open top box formed by the net. Each class then explored how length, width, height, and volume are all functions of the size of the cutout and which values constitute the domain.  Using Desmos, an online graphing tool, students explored the graph of the volume function and were intrigued to see how volume increased with the size of the cutout -- but only up to a certain value.  As PreCalculus classes move further into the semester, our high-level students will continue to use both technology-rich and everyday modeling tools (like paper, scissors, and rulers!) to explore, and quantitatively describe, the world around them!