This Week in Upper School 9/16-9/20, 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019
Students in grades 7-12 each had an exciting three days full of fun, learning, and bonding! Grades 7-8 traveled to Zion Ponderosa Ranch in Utah where they focused on nature, Judaism and building a strong community. Grades 9-10 traveled to Los Angeles, experiencing and witnessing their AEC majors in action. Grades 11-12 also traveled to Los Angeles, visiting three colleges, with some fun alumni meet ups along the way. The entire  High School enjoyed their time in Los Angeles, coming together each night after their different activities.
Pride in the Community
AEC 7th and 8th grade students, our Shinshinim, and faculty chaperones have enjoyed being a community, spending time together outside of the school, developing bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.  AEC is proud to provide students and faculty with such opportunities to help unite us all through shared meaningful experiences.
Pride in Excellence
In between activities at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch, students worked on collaborative art and writing piece using inspiration from the eclectic decor in the recreation barn and the beautiful outdoor environment.  These art and writing pieces showcased student imagination, creativity, collaboration and playing off of others' strengths. Our 8th grade students were presented with a special challenge, which about 13 of the students chose.  These courageous 8th graders, as well as brave chaperones, participated in a strenuous seven and a half mile hike called Observation Point. 8th graders showed grit, perseverance, and pride in their accomplishments, and learned about the natural flora, fauna and animal life.
Pride in Jewish Values
In preparation for Yom Kippur, our wonderful Shinshinim, Noam and Inbar, engaged the students in an activity related to the custom of Tashlich.  Students participated in conversations surrounding regrets, then wrote a regret on a rock and were able to cast it away in the pond.

Save the Date

9/22 - Lions Pride Day
9/30 - Rosh Hashanah, No School 
10/1 -  Rosh Hashanah, No School
10/8-9 - Yom Kippur, No School
10/14-15 - Sukkot, No School
10/21-22 - Sh’mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, No School
10/25 -  Nevada Day, No School
11/3-10 - Student Trip to Budapest, Hungary
11/16 - High School Homecoming Dance, 8:00-11:00 pm