This Week in Upper School 9/4-9/8, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

We Are Proud to be Drug Free

Making sound choices for the future
All of our high school students, teachers and staff agree to mandatory drug testing several times throughout the school year. Adolescence is an extremely vulnerable time for our children to be exposed to substance use and develop addiction. The brain is still developing through childhood, reaching a matured state only in adulthood. While the brain is still maturing, any developmental disturbances, which can be caused by exposure to drugs like marijuana, can measurably decrease a child’s IQ. Understanding that early intervention is critical to helping prevent teens from drug abuse and addiction, AEC focuses on drug education and preventative programming. Our students understand how to make informed decisions to take care of themselves.

Middle School

Thursday, Ofra from IAC introduced the Eitanim program to the students to invite them to get involved, several students who had previously attended shared what the program meant to them.
PE: running the mile!  Kids did excellent!  
Physical Science 8th Grade: Science labs turning aluminum foil into copper!  
American History Honors 8th Grade: Discussions of the timeline leading to the Civil War and negro spirituals.
English 6: Determined plots and characters for a shared story that will be written in 17 parts, with each part told through the view of a different character each belonging to a different student or teacher.
In Social Studies, 6th grade is making museum plaques with descriptions and drawings of neolithic artifacts.
In Social Studies, 8th graders are now piecing together the story of the Amistad and trials from primary source documents.
In Jewsih Studies, we studied the Stages of Life according to the Mishnah and students were surprised to see how many similarities they could find to their contemporary lifestyle’s stages of life. 

High School

The Friendship Circle organization made a presentation to our students during FLEX to invite students to become volunteers. Students engaged in activities that helped them understand what it might be like to have different disabilities or physical challenges. Last year, AEC had several volunteers and more signed up today! 
Today, Ofra from IAC introduced the Eitanim program to the students and invited them to get involved. 
Next Thursday, each Student Council representative will lead a class meeting to plan events for the benefit of another class in the lower and middle schools.