Welcome Back to School 2020-2021, Lower School Information

Lower School Update Meeting On School Re-Opening (Zoom): Monday, June 29, 5:30pm
Welcome Back to School Car Parade: Sunday, August 9, 10:00am-12:00pm
Student Orientation: Tuesday, August 11, times TBA
First Day of School: Wednesday, August 12
Back To School Nights, Via Zoom, TBA
Preschool – Half day – *8am – 12:00pm
Preschool – Full day – *8am – 2:45pm
Kindergarten through Grade 12 – 8am – 3:10pm 
*The first three days of Preschool will have a 9:00am start time.
Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, AEC will not offer Before Care. Students will be able to arrive by 7:40am and go directly to their classroom.
All cars enter through guard gate on Hillpointe Rd. You may drop-off your student as early as 7:40am. Students should be on campus by 7:55am. As always, our security officers and staff will assist and guide you throughout the process. Please do not speed though the parking lots, do not use cell phones, and watch for children as it ensures the safety of our students. Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, parents are not permitted to enter the school. 
18 Months - JK: Will drop-off at the far doors. Once you enter the campus and pass the gate, please stay in the left lane of the driveway to avoid parents dropping off students at the Lower School  entrance. Once you pass the Lower School entrance, safely switch to the right lane to drop-off at the far doors. Please stay in your car and in your place in the carline. Do not let your child out of the car; a staff member will open your door to assist your child and walk him/her to the classroom.  Due to COVID-19 and CDC regulations, parents are not permitted to enter the school. We understand some parents prefer to walk their children into the classrooms, and although this may not be possible this year, we are identifying safe outdoor alternatives to help with the transition. Additional procedures will be announced throughout the summer as we learn more about the CDC recommendations for schools.
Grades K-5: Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, drop-off locations and procedures will likely change from previous years. Additional dismissal procedures will be announced as we learn more about the CDC recommendations for schools.
Preschool dismissal starts at 2:45pm; K- 5th grade dismissal starts at 3:10pm. 
To update the authorized pick-up list for your child, please log in to SFO (School Forms Online). If you expect a change for pick-up that is not reflected in SFO, you must email the Lower School office by 2:00pm that day.
Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, AEC is working on ways to safely provide after school care. We are awaiting further information from the CDC and Southern Nevada Health District to guide our aftercare and after school enrichment options. 
Regular attendance is key to a successful school experience. Parents should make all efforts to have their students in class ready to learn by 7:55am. The school day starts at 8:00am sharp. Please note that Nevada’s compulsory education law requires that all students between the ages of seven and eighteen regularly attend school. Violations of this law trigger a reporting obligation on our part. 
If your child is going to be absent, please contact your child’s teacher by calling the Lower School office at 702-515-8200, or by going online and marking your child absent in the Tadpoles and Edsby apps as a planned absence. If you are planning to pick up your student for an appointment, please let the Lower School office know in advance, if possible, so they can have your child waiting. 
Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, procedures for early dismissal and tardy students entering the school will be announced by August 1, 2020.
If you want to buy brand new school uniforms and spirit wear from Campus Club, AEC will host an on-campus summer sale on Wednesday, July 22 from 2:00pm-5:00pm. Uniforms will be available for purchase all year at Campus Club and online from Land’s End. Please review the uniform policies for each division’s uniform requirements. See Flyer
The PTO will hold several used uniform sales throughout the school year, with the first two scheduled for Monday, July 13, 2020 – 9:00am to 11:00am, and Monday, August 3, 2020 – 9:00am to 11:00am. 
Both the PTO and Campus Club uniform sales will follow CDC social distancing guidelines.
Students only need to arrive to school with a backpack, a lunch box with lunch and snack, and an enthusiasm for learning! Students’ books, workbooks, notebooks, supplies, sport uniforms and PE uniforms (grades 5-8), are provided by the school. Please bring your own water bottle/sippy cup. Preschool families will receive a list of items to bring for the first day. 

Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, parents are not permitted to enter the school. Due to this, AEC security will not be issuing new key cards for the 2020-2021 school year. For returning families, although you may still have your key card from last year, it will not be activated until we are able to invite parents back onto campus when deemed safe.

It is extremely important to us to be in close contact with parents in regard to your child’s day. Since teachers are busy during drop-off and pick-up, we encourage you to email or set up a phone or in-person appointment with your teacher if you need information. 
Additionally, we communicate divisional and schoolwide information with our families in a variety of convenient ways. During the school year, we send a Newsletter every Friday afternoon to remind our families about important issues, student achievements, large projects, and upcoming events. This email is the most important source of communication for our families. If you do not receive it after the first Friday of the school year, please check your spam filter and/or contact Matt Boland at Matt.Boland@adelsoncampus.org to ensure we have the proper email address. It is extremely important that you have functional email addresses on file with us, and that you check these accounts for messages on a regular basis.
The website features a Parent Portal page with useful information. The link is located on the top right corner of the school website. For your convenience, the username and password are identical to your SFO (School Forms Online) login. The Parent Portal features quick links to Edsby, photo archives, SFO, the Lower School and Upper School weekly updates, school curriculum, faculty bios, school policies, and school forms (health & athletic). 
We regularly update Edsby -- our learning management system (LMS) for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. Similar to checking your email address, it is extremely important that you check Edsby on a regular basis to be apprised of school information, your child’s assignments, communications with teachers, and your child’s ongoing academic progress. Via Edsby, we also share calendar events, reminders, photos, videos, general all-school news, and specific Lower School News. If you don’t have a username and password for Edsby, or if you need guidance in navigating and using Edsby effectively, our Educational Technology Coordinator, Robin Pence, can provide assistance; please contact her at Robin.Pence@adelsoncampus.orgNew families will be contacted and receive login information for Edsby.  
Preschool families receive regular daily email newsletters and pictures from their children’s teachers through an app called Tadpoles. For guidance in navigating and using Tadpoles effectively, our Educational Technology Coordinator, Robin Pence, can provide assistance; please contact her at Robin.Pence@adelsoncampus.orgNew families will be contacted and receive login information for Tadpoles.
The school nurse will be available to answer any questions and discuss any specific medication regimen or treatment plans by email: Sanaz.Drake@adelsoncampus.org
Parents can also make an appointment with the school nurse to drop off their children’s medications that need to be taken during the school day. Please remember that the school nurse is unable to give any medication, including over-the-counter medication, without a Medication Consent form completed and signed by both the parent and physician. This form needs to be renewed each school year and sent to the school nurse via email at Sanaz.Drake@adelsoncampus.org or via fax at 702.255.7232.
If your child has received updated immunizations, please email their updated immunization record to the nurse by Friday, July 24, 2020. Per state law, students who have not submitted immunization records prior to the first day of school, will not be able to start on August 12, 2020.
AEC is a nut-free school. Please do not bring nut products to campus. Our nurse and teachers are well accustomed to working with families who may require treatment for specific food or environmental allergies. 
You can contact the nurse with questions during the summer via email: Sanaz.Drake@adelsoncampus.org. Please copy Daniel Kelly at Daniel.Kelly@adelsoncampus.org to your email to ensure quick response during the summer break. For common health-related questions and health policies please refer to the School Nurse Page on the school’s website.
If your child suffers from seasonal allergies, please give her/him medication at home before school, preferably long-acting, non-drowsy preparations. It helps to reduce the severity of symptoms by taking medication regularly during allergy season. Please talk to your physician about what would be best for your child and remember that a medication consent form is required from the parent and physician in order to give medication at school. 
Please have your child wash her/his hands before leaving for school.
We are happy to celebrate birthdays in school and will make every effort to continue this fun experience. Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, parents will unfortunately not be allowed to celebrate with their children on campus.  We want our students to be able to celebrate with their classmates and will communicate the safety procedures for bringing in snacks/treats by August 1, 2020. 
When scheduling a party outside of school, please be considerate of Shabbat observance and avoid scheduling parties during Shabbat to allow all students to take part in your child’s party.
Lost and Found is located near the lobby of the Lower and Upper School buildings. Please help us return lost items to their owners by labeling your child’s belongings. Please remind your children that they are not allowed to bring any toys or electronics, including cell phones or smart watches, to school.  Unclaimed Lost and Found items will be donated periodically to families in need.