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Lower School

Our philosophy in Lower School is to educate the whole child - academically, socially and emotionally. We take the educational journey together as a team: students, faculty, administrators, and parents. A team with a shared vision and a common goal in providing a smooth and meaningful path for each student to reach their full potential and best prepare them for life.

In Lower School, students are exposed to a multidisciplinary approach to learning; they are able to make connections between what they are studing on a daily basis and how it impacts their lives, making their studies meaningful, relevant, and memorable. It is priceless when our students, even the young ones, articulate these connections are priceless. You can see the sparkle in their eyes when they are proud of their achievements and master new material.

Our students integrate technology in a productive and safe way, helping with creative thinking, problem solving, and exposure to 21st century learning. They are exposed to different teaching styles, various assessment methods, research projects and presentation skills. Students learn how to plan a project, work collaboratively, adopt healthy work habits, offer meaningful feedback to others, and learn from reflective feedback.

Jewish values continue to lead our community in a meaningful and authentic way and are woven into the curriculum and daily life.  Our students celebrate our Jewish values and our Jewish identity.

Our Preschool students benefit from a wonderful nurturing environment along with the great exposure to early literacy and math. They benefit from opportunities to discover and learn while playing and exploring indoors and outdoors. They enjoy introduction to technology and a multi-sensory approach to learning.

We believe that exploration, creativity and collaboration should be promoted in all age groups. Shared guided activities with older students provide opportunities for younger and older participants to learn from each other and create new bonds. Having older peers helps provide a smooth transition to the grade level.

We believe in empowering students to self-advocate, problem solve, manage their time, explore their passions/interests, promote leadership opportunities, and be meaningful participants and contributors to this community.

We experience success when teachers establish clear expectations, when assessments are reflective of the material taught, when placement is objective and comprehensive, when instruction takes into consideration the different learning style of each student, when homework promotes learning, when there is a clear set of standards and benchmarks for each grade level, and we recognize each student's development as they matriculate.

As students advance through our Lower School, they become more resilient, inquisitive, compassionate, and courageous with each passing day. It’s simply wonderful to witness. I look forward to sharing our school with you and your family.